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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by zoelife13, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. zoelife13

    zoelife13 New Member

    Got sick of the BS and purchased the book "Your Brain On Porn" last night. Read more than 1/2 today and was blown away by the knowledge it offered. Talk about creating your own personal brain damage through continuous over stimulation! Lord - I dont want those side effects any more. No ED here...never have gotten that deep but experienced everything else.

    I am not committed to nofap for just a season...I am committing to changing my life's direction to get this permanently gone. Read lots on this site today and signed up for the recovery nation process today as well. My story is no different than anyone elses here...same issues...same struggles...same desire to be free from this addictive BS.

    Off on my start. Almost 24 hours nofap. I am a prayer and I am praying. Pray for me if you are too. This is a physical brain balance issue but its also a spiritual issue. I am not worried about Gods forgiveness because I know I am forgiven and have His Grace. But I do need His Grace through out this healing process.

    I read and took to heart the long message I received from the moderator of this site. That will be my approach.

    Thanks to anyone who cares enough to respond. :)
  2. Joe_St

    Joe_St New Member

    Welcome and good luck. Ill pray for you.

  3. Guy_Stewart

    Guy_Stewart Well-Known Member

    I am a prayer as well. You will be in mine, Sir!
  4. midge

    midge Guest

    Welcome, Zo. The Your Brain on Porn info is eye-opening all right. I've found this forum an invaluable place. Keep learning, at yourbrainonporn.com, and read and post here in the forum regularly, and you'll find the results you're looking for. It can be a challenge, but it gets easier and it's completely worth the effort. Glad you're here.
  5. zoelife13

    zoelife13 New Member

    Thanks for the prayers guys...day 2 and doing well.
  6. Nofapado

    Nofapado Guest

    Welcome ZL13!
  7. Sidd

    Sidd Guest

    Hi and welcome. This Forum has been invaluable to me. Stick around , read and post.
  8. graybeard

    graybeard New Member

    Welcome Zo. This forum and the YBOP web site have been great for me too. Keep posting and let us know how it's going!
  9. ruggerdoug

    ruggerdoug Well-Known Member

    Hi Zo. Prayer has been helpful for me as has daily bible study. I'm doing Tony Dungy's 365 day devotional.

    I have tried to quit numerous times. I have prayed to God for Him to stop this for me. I found it is all chemistry and neurology in the inside and value and character in the soul. Live a valued life with the character you want to have and the chemistry and neurology inside will rewire. It is a slow roller coaster process. God's helped me muddle through the hills and valleys. But in His wisdom I'm having to do the work myself!

    Welcome! Stay with it no matter how crazy the ride gets!

  10. Abc

    Abc The 11th commandment: Thou shalt not peek:-)

    Hey Zoelife - welcome to the group :)

    sending positive vibes your way...
  11. zoelife13

    zoelife13 New Member

    Thanks everyone. I am amazed at the support.

    Struggled with depression today just like the books said I would. Part of the brain rewiring itself?

  12. Lightning Man

    Lightning Man New Member

    Zoelife13, there was a short stretch early on where I felt suicidal. But I recognized it as physical withdrawal and was able to get past it. So I would definitely say it's your brain rewiring itself.

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