Zinc and Erectile Dysfunction

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ghazwan_wsb, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. ghazwan_wsb

    ghazwan_wsb New Member

    Hello guys, My name is Ali, I am a doctor
    two months ago, i discovered that i have severe ED. It was the first time for me to see how porn destroyed my life.
    I am 28, heavy porn user since age 17. I couldn't get it up for a real woman, and i was having severe ED even with porn use.

    I found these useful forums and i began my research to help my self and help other people also.

    I am posting here to add an importing step that should be added to the rebooting process,
    one of the medically important facts that I noticed is ZINC deficiency.

    Zinc is an important mineral that is involved in many reactions and a a co enzyme in the body, it helps in many functions in the body but mainly activities involving energy production, DNA synthesis, New cells synthesis and also Immune function. BUT one of the other important things is sexual function in males

    Zinc is found in semen and it has a major role in biological processes involved in Testosterone production and sperms viability, there is a study that showed men with low Zinc levels had Low Testosterone levels and as soon as they replaced it over a period of 3 months, they noticed 92% increase in the levels of testosterone (which is amazing).

    So each ejaculate would have about 3 to 5 mg of zinc lost, it is a massive amount of Zinc, and taking in consideration that any addict usually has poor diet and he cums many times during the day and over a period of years, so guess what? Zinc levels in the body will be severely affected and thus Zinc deficiency emerges.

    So i would like add a new scientific and informative issue, Get healthy diet,replace your Zinc either with diet which will take longer or with supplements which are available at any pharmacy as an OTC, your recommended daily requirement is 10 mg but in case of replacing a deficiency you can get the boosted dose of 20 to 25 mg, NO more than 25 mg per day as a maximum allowed dose by the FDA rules.

    Effects can be seen gradually.

    of course stick to the rules, no porn, masturbation or orgasm to artificial stimuli, plus healthy diet, exercise and rewiring with your significant other or any real woman.

    Its been a month without any PMOing for the first time since 10 years, I feel much better and Zinc improved my overall well being and my erections are coming back in form of morning woods, being turned on to my girl but with 40% of power, i can tell that there is a difference with all the measures that i took including stopping PMOing , exercising, eating healthy diet, zinc replacement, and rewiring with my girl. I have just started the recovery process and i think it is going to take a lot of time, maybe months to a year or so just like most of the guys who went through a successful reboot.

    My advice, follow the rules and also replace the Zinc
  2. anonymous1985

    anonymous1985 New Member

    would like to hear more thoughts on this

    i had 40 mg of zinc yesterday and feeling pretty damn good today lol
  3. Seargent AJ

    Seargent AJ New Member

    If you are a doctor then you could help me out..

    I diagnosed with some deficiencies by doctor. Facing Weak Erections. If I do not fap for more than 15 days Gradually I will feel like a monk. But If I fap I will feel weak and lost. I think I have zinc deficiency also.. some days ago I had hair fall due to seborrheic dermatitis. Doctor prescribed some medications and now I am ok. Do you think I am suffering from weak erections only because of various Deficiencies ?

  4. ghazwan_wsb

    ghazwan_wsb New Member

    Well, for you, we need full evaluation. history and physical exam then the biochemical testing.

    but its complicated as there are many factors, porn, diet, various deficiencies are all very potential causes, your skin condition also might be a clue for Zinc def. I would suggest you to try the 50 Mg zinc supplements for a week or so and then roll back to the daily 10 mg dosage form and give it a shot.

    various deficiencies can be difficult to evaluate, but my strategy would be to take supplements and see how it goes...
  5. Seargent AJ

    Seargent AJ New Member

    Have you seen any improvement in your condition after starting suppliments?
  6. ghazwan_wsb

    ghazwan_wsb New Member

    Yes, there is a general sense of improvement, I will let you know in a month or so when i meet up with my girl
  7. grayfoxxx

    grayfoxxx My English is worse than my ED.

    It would be possible to reach sufficient doses of zinc with foods? Like penauts or pumpkin seeds
  8. ghazwan_wsb

    ghazwan_wsb New Member

    Yes, the daily requirements can be met with these foods, also meats like red meats, are rich in Zinc, but for someone who has been depleted for years, you need high doses then you maintain with food, or with supplements.
  9. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    how much zinc supplement is enough for someone who is insufficient?
  10. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    My testosterone came out to me fine.It was 803.But i have lost sense of taste and smell.If my testosterone is fine,can i still be deficient in zinc?
  11. Goldybrar

    Goldybrar Member

    I cant find any supplement only of zinc but combined in my area.Is this fine to go for?
  12. ghazwan_wsb

    ghazwan_wsb New Member

    Sure, combined is fine.
  13. Zane

    Zane Member

    Does Shilajit contain zinc?
  14. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    I've been taking Zinc 50mg daily for a week now. No real 'edge' so far but only a week in. Feel a tad grumpier but also a tad less anxious. Also notice my junk seems to look fuller most of the time, doesn't 'shrivel' much now. But no libido surge or anything just yet. Haven't O'd on it yet so cannot comment on the load size (hehe) but I usually output a lot anyway. Will keep trying it cos I got a LOT to get through and I've never supplemented regularly with it. Was canoodling with the missus earlier but did not notice any real enhanced stirrings down there...maybe I should just be patient...but that's what I'm REALLY after....
  15. ghazwan_wsb

    ghazwan_wsb New Member

    Good job, I ve been using it for almost a month, I can't tell if there is any difference but its part of the deal, we should treat every thing and be patient, Keep it up

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