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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Zen67, Aug 15, 2013.

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    That sounds very nice indeed. Many are the good-feeling activities we can come up with other than the actual deed.

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    I've had extraordinarily strong urges to masturbate in the past. The irony is that they may be caused by the same imbalanced state they have lead you to. I've been taking some supplements like Fish Oil / Krill oil and Zinc and must admit that the Balance-Essentials and the L-Tryptophan from the cure-erectile-dysfunction.org site did balance my urges in a strange way. The urges are still strong but are kind of constant not as "peaky" , lol probably not the right word which has made them easy to deal with on a long run.
    I've also noticed that exercise increases the urge (if not overdone) but then decreases it after 3-4 hours.
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    I hope all is well, Zen. We have not heard from you for a while. Let us know how things are going. Congrats on 70 days!!
  4. Zen67

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    All is well here! Thanks for asking.

    Been dating some one for a month and all is going well. Lots of sex to be honest. No porn and no MO has made the sex so much better. I am still taking my daily Cialis but the results are much better. No touch erections. Quicker refractory period. Things have really improved.

    I had ED before I was into porn. The porn came later and it was only about 5 years of PMO. Before I met her I was getting full erections without the Cialis after 6 days of no MO when I started my reboot/rewire. She knows I am on Cialis and I mentioned trying sex without the Cialis and abstaining for a week before trying. I am hoping the reboot with sex is helping even if it is slow progress.
  5. Zen67

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    Had an amazing night last night with my new girl. She totally turns me on and it showed last night. Had sex twice and it only had taken me 30 minutes to go the second time. This is something I could not have done before I started NO PORN 78 days ago. I continue to improve working on the ultimate goal of sex without Cialis.
  6. Zen67

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    49 days of no MO but still no P. Not sure if it was a chaser effect with my GF from the night before or old habits are hard to break. I remember in my younger years I would MO in between so 49 days is a long time of no MO. It is great feeling not MOing and waiting for the next time with my GF. It really makes sex better.
  7. Zen67

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    I have been PMO free for a while now. Met some one about a month into it. I could not go more then 6 days without MO. I have only MO'd once in the last 76 days. I have O plenty times with the GF. Today I started my 7th day without O. I am away from my GF for work. If I stay the course I will go 11 days without O or MO. 7 days will be a new record but I am starting to feel it.

    I am still using Cialis 5mg daily. The no PMO has helped me with spontaneous erections. I have been experiencing a numb penis for about 2 months. The best part it makes the sex last longer. I never lose my erection. I am looking forward to getting my sensitivity back. I feel like I am missing something during sex. Also, my libido has lowered and I sometimes have sex to keep her happy. Am I flatlining even though I am still having sex and O? These are all new symptoms I never experienced until I stopped PMO.
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    Hit a record 7 days without MO or even O. I have not gone this long without since I was 17. This morning I even had morning wood and I have not taken Cialis in a week. Just like before I met my GF and started to reboot once I go without MO long enough I am horny and feel the need for the release just about every minute of the day. Still I will hold out for as long as I can. I am hoping the horniness goes away. I am also hopeful this helps with the loss of sensitivity I have been experiencing.
  9. Zen67

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    Well looks like my new record is 8 days. Again, once I hit the 6 day mark it is a constant struggle fighting not to MO. It is like trying to see how long you can go without food all the while there is plenty of food around you. There has to be a medical reason for this and maybe it will explain my ED beyond just PMO.

    To be clear, I did not look at or even think about porn today. I did achieve a full erection without any Cialis. It has been a week since I used it.

    The journey continues....
  10. Zen67

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    I want to start with I was never addicted to porn. I really only started using it regularly after a prostrate infection caused my ED about 6 years ago. In the beginning porn helped my almost erection turn into an adequate erection. After some time, not sure when, it didn't help any more and my erections became weaker. Since the start of seeing my Urologist I was prescribed Viagra then I was on Cialis daily.

    Wednesday March 26 after 10 days without daily Cialis I had successful sex with my GF. This was after obtaining for three days. My erection was maybe a 7 tops 8 in comparison to a 10 using ED drugs. For the record I have been rewiring with my GF since September and having regular sex.

    Thursday March 27 was another successful night and my erection was even better.

    I have learned no matter what caused your ED, porn will make it worse.

    I want to thank the creators of this site and everyone who gave me the positive support to get here.

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