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    Hi All.

    I thought I started a journal here a while back, but can't find it. So here goes!

    I've been sporadically reading here and related sites for past few years, with some periods of abstinence. My main concern is PIED, of which mine is rather severe. My ED is probably partially caused or exacerbated by a a kind of intimacy avoidance. One thing that has discouraged me in the past in a sense of futility, that I may never make a decent recovery. But I will never know unless I give it my best, so here goes.

    I haven't watched porn since at least June 23.

    Now I realize that I am indulging in porn substitutes too -- Tinder and online dating sites. I get hooked on conversing, meeting, maybe clicking with a new person, and kissing. But it can't go much further due to my ED. So beginning today, am going to cut that out and see if that helps.

    Regarding M, I am planning on doing some exercises for penile health, while keeping arousal to a minimum. Otherwise, nada.

    Regarding O, I am planning to keep it to once a month, or LESS, and to track this.

    So, on November 1st, I should have 104 days of: no P or P subs, no M except as for penile health exercise, and O count of 3 or less.

    At that point, I will see where I am at and decide whether to revise plan.

    Best to All!

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