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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Carl90, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Carl90

    Carl90 New Member

    Hi I don't where to post this, but hopefully this will do.

    I'm just wondering if any of you are experiencing problems with YouTube videos? Just a bit after I installed K9, YouTube videos doesn't seem to buffer correctly.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    it's nothing to do with k9, I have been experiencing issue with youtube so did a few people I talked to. Some videos just won't load
  3. Letscrackthis

    Letscrackthis "He is not here, for he has risen!"

    Eh. I have K9 and it does result in weird problems (even besides youtube). Youtube videos, for example, will go for not even a minute and then cut short and proceed to the 'replay video' screen.
  4. r1111

    r1111 Guest

    Yes I have had problems with Youtube recently . Not sure if it has to with K9
  5. Agaut

    Agaut New Member

    Can anyone look into this, I usually use my ipod however if I want to watch videos
  6. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    They changed how buffering works, I think, probably to save bandwidth. I remember having to install a plugin which forces buffering, or the video wouldn't load, or would stagger constantly. I don't remember which plugin, sadly.
  7. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    i had this problem too after i installed K9, the audio continues but the video lags so far behind,
    than i uninstalled K9, it worked great again,

    i'm a bit vulnerable right now but i'm busy watching tutorials and lectures in Youtube, i'd probably go with will power from here onwards, i hate how i had to reboot when installing/uninstalling K9
  8. r1111

    r1111 Guest

    I fixed it! :)
    Link here:
  9. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    thanks very much, man
  10. Carl90

    Carl90 New Member

    It's okay now for me as well. I didn't do anything, though. It just works all of a sudden.

    Thanks anyway guys for the support. :)

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