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    Since I gave up porn and the other addictions I had I have noticed I started to significantly increase my internet use.

    This would be all good and well if it was meaningful use. But, a lot of the internet use is not in line with any of my goals or aspirations.

    I do have a goal to create a youtube channel with quality content however, time spent on youtube is just spent on watching hours worth of videos with no controls.

    I have also noticed since there has been news regarding Paris attacks etc. I have started to look at A LOT of political news. Just to get my blood boiling I seem to be only interested in getting riled up by it which is creating addictive chemical responses.

    I can always measure when something becomes an 'addiction' because after you have exhausted all information on a topic you still continue looking at the same articles etc.

    What successful strategies really work? Especially when one of my goals is related to the problem site.
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    What impressed me most about your post was that you stated a goal (the youtube channel).. The weak poin was that you spoke only about what's keeping you from the goal while not focussing on ways you might achieve it.

    You can do it - but it'll come quicker if you forge those goals and strategize more constructively perhaps.
  3. Nowist

    Nowist Believe that you can and you will.

    I do not really have a problem with youtube or any sites. If anything, I do not watch the news at all, I find that's just bad propaganda for our brains. You do not see the positive news as much in comparison to the negative ones on Television, Internet etc.

    But yeah not sure what I can offer aside from have a clear focus for why you are using an outlet. Set a timer. And when that timer goes off change activity. You can do it buddy, break that addiction chain down.
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    I think this can definitely become an addiction, in that it’s an activity which can give your brain a false sense of reward, I recently spent three or four months with no internet at all at my address, I would have to travel a few miles every evening in order to use it. I have since had the internet installed here however, and whilst at first I thought it would be a boon to my studies, due to my being able to look things up instantly etc. In reality, having given up porn use for some time, and, having been without regular internet access too, I am actually finding that now, whatever small gain there is in being able to look up a definition without leafing through a dictionary, or in using Wikipedia or Google images to familiarise myself with an unfamiliar object or concept, this is actually being significantly offset by the capacity for distraction and digression which the internet represents. I have found:

    1. I am less focused and more distracted now. Consequently the time I spend studying is less effective.
    2. I am less motivated to study because the internet offers alternative means for fulfilment.
    It is certainly ironic that even forums such as this one can be a massive distraction, even mildly addicting if you let them be. The funny thing is that whilst you’re using porn, its easy to overlook the potential damage that regular ‘innocent’ internet use can do to us.

    Having realised this, I am now limiting my internet use to an hour or so a day, within a strictly specified period set aside for its use.

    Clearly this is not as clear cut an issue as porn use, and there are advantages and disadvantages to either approach, but from my own observations I feel that for me, the disadvantages of all-day internet access outweigh the costs.

    As a side note: I totally agree with the above poster @Nowist on the negativity of news media in general. I have spent around a year not watching it at all now, and I feel generally happier and more optimistic about my life, people, and the world. The fact is that the average person can get by just fine never watching the news at all. All it amounts to is a kind of of theatre anyway - a tragedy that never ends, and which they want you to watch every day and then integrate into your own experience.
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    I definitely need to get my internet use down, especially unfocused surfing. Having a limited number of hours per day could definitely be a useful tool.

    I like the potential of the internet and would really like to be able to use in a positive controlled manner. Sometimes I after a porn binge I would even waste more time surfing things to try to prove I could use online time constructively!

    For Youtube I use a comment blocker as I often find myself spending much time reading comments that don't add much.

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