Your lowest point? (ROCK-BOTTOM) [TRIGGER WARNING]

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Stopper, May 17, 2012.

  1. Mr. Tony

    Mr. Tony Life is like a game of chess.

    My lowest point is spending so much $ on cam sites that my bank account was in the NEGATIVE.
  2. a4c444

    a4c444 New Member

    I know the feeling my friend!!
  3. Zellomugi

    Zellomugi Guest

    I hope the people from a long time ago have gotten better now
  4. a4c444

    a4c444 New Member

    I wrote on this thread a few months ago, some of my lowest points were horrendous. unfortunately I've gone back the way again, into shemale, booking femdom sessions etc. I'm on Day 3 now, hopefully I can rid myself of these urges.
  5. ryan67

    ryan67 New Member

    My rock bottom moment came very early in my addiction. I was in Junior High School and my mother had got into a wreck. The air bag hurt her neck pretty badly and she had to be taken to the hospital. Instead of going to the hospital along with my sister i decided to stay home and watch some porn. The isolation that i accepted to enjoy various perverted thoughts and images only grew with time.

    I also had a very sweet girl leave because i could not get it up for her.

    The distorted reality that came with my porn addiction was what terrified me the most and this topic helped me realize that.
  6. Vorag0

    Vorag0 Guest

    On Friday i decided to PMO to put off an assignment. Wouldn't have been that bad but i did it again on Saturday morning. Then i did it again later that afternoon. I injured my penis during masturbation by accident which caused it to swell up profusely. The next morning on sunday i decided to keep putting off my assignment and continued my binge despite the fact that i was in a lot of pain. A lot.

    For me that was pretty much bottoming out, not only was i trying to escape from discomfort (the assignment, which i later ended up pulling an all-nighter to complete), i also injured my manhood.

    Needless to say, i had a crappy weekend.
  7. stretcher

    stretcher New Member

    1999, before it was commonly known (at least, to kids coming out of college, like me) that companies track every web site their employees go to. Didn't have a home computer, so I'd stay after work and jerk to shemale porn after everyone else left. Finding out a year later that companies do in fact track that stuff, in our case it was the art director who did all the computer stuff and kept tabs. It was a small office, 8-9 people, and she told most of them except the boss and my co-editor. Next two years at that job were the longest of my life. She never said anything directly to me about it, but was a major bitch ever after.
  8. sidney1990

    sidney1990 Guest

    wow, you jerked off to shemale porn since 1999!

    No judgement or anything...but wow that's long
  9. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    Possibly today. Got depressed last night, got very drunk, sick of feeling defective. Wake up at 7am, I'd pissed the bed...too hungover/depressed so just wallowed up in the cold wetness and managed another three hours. Valentine's Day, too. Ugh. This is what life has become.
  10. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    Wow man, that's sad beyond words.
  11. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    Sad to see I'm not the only one who does that.
  12. stretcher

    stretcher New Member

    Goddamn, bro, I've seen some depressing shit in this thread but that's one of the worst. You gotta do something.
  13. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    No man, I think having unprotected sex with trannies is far worse than wetting the bed.

    It happens every friday night to women over here who get themselves so drunk they piss themselves on the streets.

    It's disgusting and lowlife but it[s not one of the worst stories I've read on here to be honest.
  14. Michael84

    Michael84 Member

    The last time I visited England (particularly Liverpool) something similar was done by a guy in a pub. He just stood up from the table and pissed in front of the "service stuff only" door while half of the pub including me were watching. lol. I was not surprised very much to be honest. Shit happens )))
  15. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    I'm completly trying to sabotage my body. I have back pain and herniated dics, yet I keep on pmo. The right side of my body has problems, but in the past few months, the same problem is happening to my left side. I have to admit that I'm scared for my life, has been for the past two years.
  16. zingerama

    zingerama Member

    This is the key right there, couldn't have said it better myself. The thing is how do you find the self-motivation and will to pursue a life vision and goals when so many of them in your head involve you and a beautiful caring girlfriend or wife you can love. Hm.
  17. ratrans

    ratrans Member

    Re: Your lowest point?(ROCK-BOTTOM)

    Well I have gone almost as long as this guy here. I mean the mere thought of the scene makes me want to download it and fap on it right away. Again K9 is what is stopping me now... at least for now...
  18. apc27

    apc27 Member

    Hmm, my low point?

    Having a complete breakdown realizing last year at aged 27 that every mental and social dysfunction I've ever had (DE with my first girlfriend, PIED with my last girlfriend, mood swings, anxiety, OCD) can probably be traced back to my porn addiction. I feel almost lucky to realize that after relapsing for the first time in 72 days (which felt truly awful unlike real sex, and this is just to a standard pornstar orgy video) that I truly hate porn. The only way really is up!
  19. Phoneix_Rising

    Phoneix_Rising Dust yourself off and get back on the horse

    When my beautiful and caring wife told me she was feeling unloved, and then 2 years later having an affair. Then her moving out and we are currently living separate lives because we don't know if we can work it out. My career stalling in the interim because I've been lazy and whilst I don't blame it all on porn, it's a pretty powerful symptom in my overall lethargy these past few years.

    If I can get my life back together by quitting porn then I'll buy the first round :p
    You need to hit rock bottom, to know the only way is up. It sucks but its life teaching us about loss, pain and karma. Be good to yourself, do the right thing, know what is good and bad and act appropriately.
  20. creepdude

    creepdude New Member

    I was working on a farm and I was pretty depressed and fapped pretty much everyday.
    One day I took a glass and ejaculated in there because I didn't want to go and take paper sheets from the toilet. The next day I forgot about the glass and after work we started to play table tennis. It was a normal sized glass, but what had to happen? As we played table tennis, the ball sprung inside the glass full of cum and well, I thought he wouldn't even see it but as we kept playing, the cum flew in all directions and I was totally embarassed and ashamed but played along and hoped he didn't notice.

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