You Know NOFAP Is Working When...

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Roronoa Zoro, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. calmwinter

    calmwinter Guest

    When you're surprised it's working
  2. When you walk down the street and you see a beautiful women and your whole body shakes.
  3. A New Man

    A New Man White Knuckle Brigade 2013

    When you have the best sex of your life at the age of 39.
  4. bgguy

    bgguy Member

    Thats a GREAT THREAD!! Keep this alive.
    I was bored this night and this prevents me to relapse. (Sadly, i can't awnser the thread question...)
  5. bgguy you just did answer the thread question... you know its working when you come here to post instead of fap!
  6. 1. When you look into a girls eyes, and that alone woos you. When you notice things like the lilt in a woman's voice and the idiosyncrasies you never paid attention too.

    2. You can read body language better.

    3. Your defining the addiction and not the other way around.

    4. Reciprocity: Love is a two way thing. Lust is like solitaire, a man on his own.

    5. When days get longer and its not because summer is coming but because you now have much more free time.
  7. The Solitaire

    The Solitaire New Member

    When you stop using the snooze button on your alarm because 7am doesn't feel so exhausting anymore

    When your eyes feel weightless and not tired
  8. newday323

    newday323 Member

    You can effortlessly and confidently strike up conversation with a very attractive girl on the train and talk for an hour exchanging smiles, laughs, casual touches, and then trading numbers.

    Note: this happened to me me in November when I was on a ~30 day nofap streak and a number of similar scenarios have occurred when I've been on a good streak. Keep in mind, I used to be a very shy guy who never struck up conversation with strangers, let alone attractive ones.
  9. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    7am, make that 5am!
  10. Sometimes I go to sleep at 5 A.M. :eek: I mean, not usually, but it happens.
  11. The Solitaire

    The Solitaire New Member

    Used to get up at 4/4:30am and do 10-12 hour days, it was faaaaar worse then!

    Back on topic...

    - You joke more with the girl sitting next to you
    - You start remembering more of the 100 things you've got on your mind at work
  12. picats3141

    picats3141 Active Member play your violin, and it feels like it is singing. My vibrato has sounded much more sweet and emotional lately...

    ...You also start living in the moment more.

    ...When you get negative emotions, you deal with the shit that's at the root of them instead of PMO'ing.

    I feel stressed?
    I finish my homework.

    I feel like giving in to porn?
    I use mindfulness meditation.

    I am annoyed by my brother?
    I realize I am his senior, should act like so, and ignore it.

    It goes on and on. It's really an alien feeling for me to take problems like these head-on without the PMO as a painkiller.

    ...I have the motivation to do pushups and situps every night (adding one of each every day, currently at 32 each)

    ...I am pushing harder even in subjects I don't like, such as English.
    Again the list goes on and on.
  13. jersey1

    jersey1 New Member

    When taking a piss and showering is the only time you touch your penis
  14. flyboy

    flyboy New Member

    I haven't pmo'ed for about week and I am starting to feel these benefits listed above Awesome. 8)
  15. Ranked

    Ranked Member

    When you don´t feel empty, you can appretiate the beauty of nature, you start working out and you keep working on yourself, motivate yourself and enjoy the real life :_)))
  16. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    You don't assume a girl is flirting with you and realize she may just need the friendship and encouragement of a strong man because so many other weaker men have brought her down.
  17. You stop looking at other people and their lives and instead focus and feel good about yours.

    You have the will power to take on and make hard choices

    You actually want to see and talk to something other then a screen
  18. Zellomugi

    Zellomugi Guest

    You don't forget what you're talking about mid-sentence
  19. fappedoff

    fappedoff Member

    You are more productive in the gym
    you are more productive at work - In my case, starting a new job a few months back, you get confident in the fact if you make a mistake its because you are on a learning curve and see it as an opportunity to learn rather than a failure.
    You are more confident around people of seniority in the work place - I can actively take the piss out of directors and CEO of my company, in a joking way, and get a positive reaction and a laugh from them
    You are happy to do stupid stuff and not get anxious about it i.e I dressed as a snowman at work to do promotional work. I also put on a dress to get a laugh out of the people in my office.
    Women smile at you more as you make eye contact more with them
    You notice friends and family and co-workers light up a lot more in your presence.
    Anxiety and stress is easily put in perspective and fizzles out easily
    With less anxiety, you notice others may be anxious and stressed as well, thus you are more conscious to be helpful and supportive to others
    You no longer think women just aren’t interested in you. The reality is hot chicks dig you!
    You find average looking girls attractive, hence, your perception of attraction is completely changed as your desire is much more for real women and not false perfection of porn. The so called "averages" are no longer average, they are beautiful!
    You get woken up in the middle of the night with a raging erection
    You get back to sleep after said erection dies down, then get solid morning wood
    You get hard thinking about women you actually know that you find attractive. Have a little fantasy over something real without wanting to resort to full on PMO, or even MO (note: this is to be avoided early on and kept to minimum to avoid potential relapse. this is something i am only allowing my self to do recently, and have avoided in previous attempts)
    You start getting goals and more focus in life
    You decide to book a trip away to the USA on your own as you realise life is there to be lived in the moment ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    And finally (tho the list could go on) I can actually smile and feel good about smiling. for years I used to have a strange complex about my smile. Like it looked creepy or scary. Now I can do it naturally and feel great. As I should do!
  20. Letscrackthis

    Letscrackthis "He is not here, for he has risen!"

    Great thread. Looking forward to these.

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