You Know NOFAP Is Working When...

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Roronoa Zoro, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. SteveA

    SteveA Member

    -you start feel like a real person, not a cheater that plays a role and has a secret dark perverted double live
  2. A New Man

    A New Man White Knuckle Brigade 2013

    This is becoming a really important thread. New guys testify here everyday about the benefits of NoPMO.

    Thank you to everyone who has shared so far. It's inspiring.
  3. KayTown

    KayTown New Member

    Well despite my COMPLETE inability to communicate my feelings with the opposite sex and conduct myself in social situations, I wound up dancing with and making out with this cute girl at a bar. My roommate was there with this girl's friend (who was not attractive at all) too. We walked them back to their place. If it was just me and this girl I know she would have wanted to smash. She was all over me the entire night. Before I went home I got her number. I was getting erections when I was dancing with her and kissing her. That makes me almost positive I do not have ED. I'm a virgin so I wouldn't know...

    This was a great experience and I am very thankful for it. It is a real accomplishment for me. At the same time that night showed me that I have a looong way to go. It also made me sad. I was able to see just how emotionally detached I am.

    Either way it all fuels my motivation tank and I WILL report similar and better experiences in the future.
  4. Zellomugi

    Zellomugi Guest

    you get moodswings like a hormonal pregnant woman everyday >.< Bittersweet
  5. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    When your dick works!
  6. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Guest

    the confidence you've gained from NO PMO for 7 days for the first time in your life has given you a new-found emotional momentum that you can begin to explore to hopefully be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself for the first time in years.....
  7. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you haven't taken any LSD recently? ::)

    It's really interesting to see how fast some people respond. Personally the reboot only made things worse for me and only now, a year later it's starting to get better - withdrawals, mindset, ED etc.
  8. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Guest

    Well man, if you want to do something you'll do it, if you don't, if not, you'll find an excuse.

    I've changed my everyday habits dramatically in a short time. There is a 5 second window of opportunity when it comes to making a decision out of the norm that can be beneficial. If you want to make a decision, you have 5 seconds before your emergency break is pulled and you miss out on the chance. That small window of opportunity is not to be taken lightly as the more you act on it the more you'll disciple yourself to do it. It's a healthy habit I suggest you try.

    Instead of going to sleep whenever and waking up whenever I now go to sleep around 9, wake up around 5, take a ice cold shower, do 35 or so minutes of yoga, around 30 minutes of meditation, 3-4 minutes of breathing techniques, go outside for a nice little walk and reward my healthy habits by making myself breakfast. I used to be a person who didn't GAF about how I treated myself now look at me. I'm not preaching to the choir or anything but I'm just saying I've experienced first hand that 1 small change can trigger a chain-reaction of benefits.

    Seeing as how my old record for NO PMO was around 3 days, this is new to me and it's a learning experience. I commend you on going so far in your journey and wish to one day do what you have done ^^
  9. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, I made loads of big changes as well. It's just that how I felt seemed independent of what I actually did for the longest time after I stopped PMO.
  10. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Guest

    instead of bringing out your usual pessimistic, sarcastic & sensitive self out to handle your problems you take a step back, collect your thoughts & take action in a more thought-out manner.

    This girl I liked just asked me for advice regarding her and this guy she likes. I looked past the hurt at realizing she didn't feel how I envisioned and gave her solid advice from a friendly perspective. If she asked my PMO-mindsetted self she would have not gotten advice at all. She would have gotten a rant full of nagging and complaining and hurt that would have only made the situation worse. If I was in my old PMO-mindset I would have not seen her as a fellow human being with feelings but instead, nothing but a vagina I didn't want to lose to someone else.
  11. Hogus that is exactly why I lost my old girlfriend, the whole relationship was in PMO mindset. Hoping the next girl I date will be full of confidence and level thinking.
  12. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Guest

    When I have the occasional moment of clarity I take a mental note. Those moments of clarity are like a temporary consciousness of not being in the PMO mindset which makes me want to have them more and more. If you haven't, I suggest taking a peek at "Journey to Freedom's" journal as a large part of it shows what you can accomplish at a young age when you grab onto those moments of clarity and seize the moment <------------- journal link, for those curious.
  13. Checking it out now, thanks man
  14. zefizzle

    zefizzle Guest

    You're filling up your phone contacts with actual women from real life besides the internet
  15. Aaron

    Aaron New Member

    The biggest benifits I have noticed are

    -Increased confidence in social situations. Going from a slight stutter and can't hold d decent conversation, to public speaking in front of 100+ people.

    -My standards have dropped. I don't view this as a bad thing. While PMOing I would rate girls entirely on physical standards, nowadays I prioritize personality over looks.

    I think the magical effect from nofap when girls start to notice you is just increased confidence, rather than them being able to "sense creepiness" or any of that.
    Girls like confident guys. Fact.
    If you walk around with your head down and don't make eye contact with anyone you gon get ignored lol
    If you walk around with your head up and make eye contact, initiate conversations you are gonna be respected.
  16. When you have to cut back on the caffeine because your natural energy is now through the roof.
  17. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    You learn to accept that real men cry sometimes
  18. Vorag0

    Vorag0 Guest

    I did that today
  19. Dubb

    Dubb New Member

    Yes! The interaction with women is the first thing I see that happends. Huge bonus.
  20. fgeist

    fgeist New Member

    I don't need no-PMO for that :/
    Furthest I've come so far is 12 days and I only experienced negative stuff.

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