You can't just be the man when you masturbate.. you're also the woman

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by ultrafabber, Apr 9, 2019.

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    Ok, hear me out, i understand this sounds very weird at first....

    .......Sex is for two people, there is no such thing as "solo sex", it goes against the very purpose and existence of sex. Sex is a paired activity and the sexual organs are differentiated (penis and a vagina) because of that.

    Now, what happens when you masturbate? More importantly, who are you when you masturbate? If you fuck your bed or something else, you are at least a separate entity fucking something. (not that it's normal or anything)

    But when you actually stroke your dick? You're aroused and you're actually stroking a dick while you're being aroused. And your dick is being caressed by a man's hand. No woman is present.

    You might instinctively think "wait, i'm thinking about a woman so that makes it ok"... well, if you were to fuck your cat while thinking of a woman.. would that make it ok? Wouldn't that make you a zoophile?

    Because that's all there is to it really, the argument is that "i'm thinking about something, therefore that's what actually happens". But that is actually incorrect.

    Consider the following situations:

    1. What if you were riding a bike and you would imagine you're driving a motorbike? Would you actually stand by the affirmation "I'm actually driving a motorbike"?
    2. What if you used Monopoly's paper money and went to your local grocery store and demanded to pay with them because you think those are real money?
    3. What if you ate a chicken sandwich but you thought you are eating an ice-cream? What would you actually be eating? A chicken sandwitch OR an ice-cream?

    The more I look into masturbation the more it seems like a psychotic-like behavior.

    It's irrelevant what you're thinking, it's important what you're actually doing. And you're sexually aroused AND stroking a dick. And your dick is stroked by a man, which also makes it gay. If you don't think it's gay, you should be perfectly fine sucking your own dick. (hopefully you're not)

    I genuinely believe masturbation is at the root of all this gender confusion (transgender) and so much more. It's just a completely abnormal act and it just makes no sense.

    Don't get me wrong, i don't advocate for semen retention or sexual abstinence, i think a healthy and happy sex life is essential to a person's well being.
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    Very interesting perspective, I can actually see how this has a lot of truth to it. I know a lot of guys defend the whole idea of sucking your own dick ... It's not literally gay but maybe metaphorically gay? It's a pretty polarizing idea.

    It's a good point to consider that sex is a mutual process. Part of the enjoyment of sex is giving pleasure to someone else.

    You could think of MO as a tool for relieving tension and stress; like at the end of a ie masturbating without visual or mental stimuli. But to view masturbation as a solo sexual act seems silly.

    I wonder if there is any correlation between a womens masturbation habits and their propensity to be bi/lesbian.
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