YOU’RE DELUDING YOURSELVES – Recovery is not always possible!

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    Okay, I had enough of seeing so many people burying their heads in the sand! Look…. there is not ONE research that studied the recovery of people from PIED – not one research. Yet people are more than happy to go around and spread around a misleading notion that recovery is possible for most people, if not all.

    This is nonsense! Just utter nonsense. Your hope and lack of balls to swallow the red pill is deluding you into thinking that it is possible.

    All this talk about recovering stems from few observations on message boards. YES… just a few observations of TRUE success story. SUCCESS, loosely defined, is, at an absolute MINIUM, that of someone being able to get his fucking penis erect when having sex, on a consistent basis with no side-effects after ejaculating. Who fucking cares if someone starts a fucking ‘success’ topic declaring success at not PMOig for three months! PATHETIC!

    The vast majority of people are fucked, most of them seriously fucked. And yes, I’m talking about those that have managed to beat the addiction by abstaining from Porn for 2,3,4,5,6 years plus!

    In fact, I even question the legitimacy of Gabe Deem’s 9 month recovery – that’s way too fast for someone that stared PMO at puberty.

    Also, Noah Church…. has he even declared if he’s fully recovered yet? I’ve seen a lot of his YT clips and I don’t recall him ever saying that his erections are back to normal, that his sexuality is back to normal. Not one. And yet here he is spreading around the notion that recovery is possible. He calls himself coach church and charges for his advice – come on…. Do you not see what’s happening here?

    I’ll reiterate again, all of those ‘success’ stories are filled with ‘minor success’ and not the success that we are looking for, which is: to have our 10/10 erections back (at minimum), libido back and healthy appetite for women.

    Enough is enough.

    We’re still understanding this PIED thing and now it’s another time for reflecting on PIED with a critical lens. Is recovery truly possible? Look at the so many people that have abstained for so long and are still struggling and look at the people that have recovered fully – do you honestly this it’s anywhere near evenly matched???

    Really, maybe Gary Wilson can do a lecture clarifying him comments that he made a while back – which is that of people may not recover.

    Seriously, you need to tackle this topic head on and stop burying your head in the sands and being absorbed into the comfort of others telling you that recovery is possible. No evidence of that whatsoever apart from the handful of people.
  2. Guts

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    Posts like this are what this forum doesn't need.

    I think the very fact that we go through flatlines is enough evidence that recovery is totally possible. The flatline is your brains last mechanism to stop itself from damaging itself anymore, at least that is how I see it. If you're able to MO or even PMO then I don't think the damage you've done to yourself is permanent. Neuroplasticity is a scientific fact now, if your brain didn't do it I don't think you could even be alive right now.

    You've only been doing this for 2 years now, this guy recovered after 3 years, this guy needed more than 2 years as well.

    During your 6 month hardmode reboot did you not see any progress? I also believe you said you were MO'ing everyday after you did that reboot, I wouldn't recommend doing that. If you did your research on these forums you'd know that you can't keep having orgasms after a reboot, I can show you many examples on here why that is.

    If you feel that rebooting is not helping you then why not get yourself checked out by a doctor? If you don't have anything wrong with you physically, then your only other option is to keep abstaining until you are back to normal. It's really that simple.
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    I had PIED for 12 years (absolute lifeless dick when being intimate with women). After ~4 months of hard mode, I had succesful sex. I have been having sex since that point and I have only failed once. And that was in the second round. The next night I was good to go again. I had consecutive sex 4 days in a row without the slightest problem. I get hard by just snuggling. My erections stay for a long time and don't fade anymore. They had been fading brutally even while watching porn and I was PMOing with a half hard dick that needed constant stimulation. Even my excessive precum "problem" noticeably got better after five months. Withdrawals and urges occur but are a walk in the park compared to the beginning of the reboot. My porn fetishes have almost vanished. My 3 year long depression melted into thin air after only 26 days of hard mode reboot. I haven't been depressed for a single day ever since. I sleep extremely well. Before, I used to sleep up to 12 hours on the weekend and still felt tired. Nowadays I wake up on my own after 6-7 hours of sleep and feel refreshed. I'm so much more outgoing and socially competent. There are so many benefits, it is absolutely insane. I can only speak for myself but rebooting and powering through the first 3 months might have saved my life.

    By the way. click this link to buy some of my snake oil which cures PIED in a heartbeat.

    Jokes aside, I'm familiar with your story and I hope, you will eventually see the light at the tunnel. Being in your shoes must be extremely frustrating and I cross all my fingers that you will recover one day!

    Take care!
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  4. Slam

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    I've barely been doing this, and haven't seen much progress, but i still disagree with what you are saying. Mostly because i just think you are too stressed, anxious and maybe even too depressed to get a full erection. People like Noah and others who still slightly struggle with erections aren't bullshitting, they're probably are struggling with other psychological issues like the the ones i listed before (they also cause erectile dysfunction which you probably knew).
  5. Doper

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    Are you saying you have seen NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on your erectile function?????

    I agree and completely don't agree with the statement "It doesn't work". I've cured myself utterly in the past, 100%, coming from terrible ED that I could only get a 50% erection to gross extreme compilation videos. And I've also been slogging along for the last 2 years not really getting anywhere after reaquiring ED. It's sickening, how little a fuckup can blow your whole streak. But with the numbers you're throwing up, there must be something you are doing or not doing that is keeping you from success. There are clearly factors outside just watching porn or jerking your dick that keep us in the vicious circle. Are you indulging yourself in anything else to excess? video games, sugar/crap food, social media, drinking or other dopaminergic drugs....this one may sound silly but I got into the habit of playing with my nipples watching porn, and after a while I could get way more of a rush from that than jerking it, and taking dick out of the mix absolutely destroyed erectile function, worse than porn I think. Another thing is relapsing to or fantasizing about the same type of porn that makes you tick, I think this is big as it keeps the worst pathways intact.

    What is your night erections like? Do you get morning wood? Does it stick around?....If yes to the second two, you're doing better than me at this moment and I consider myself functional to a point.

    Your dick may actually work and I'd bet money on it if there aren't any physical causes. Right now I feel like I'm in a flatline, and I may not be very cured at all at this point but if I had a naked girl in front of me my dick springs into action every time. The real problem is if I ripped off several loads it might not after a few days. But a few days later it will again. That's what I need fixed.
    At 260+ days, you can't say with any surety whatsoever that your dick doesn't work, and make posts like this because without stimulation anyone in that significant a streak will stay in a perpetual flatline, IMO . Now if you were around hot women all day and felt the same I would be more concerned but I somehow doubt the possibility. Your username and even moreso the bawling emoji avatar is more of a concern to your overall success in life than a lifeless dick. I don't know your background but those things scream self victimization. Do you notice your username/avatar VS. the first guy that responded to your posts username/avatar? Who is more likely to succeed? Even if you had the biggest, most beautiful, bestest functioning cock in the world, if that avatar you have is the face a person puts on for the world and women, that person is not getting even a whiff of puss, ever.

    Yeah, it sucks, it takes way too long....I just bought 300+ dollars worth of every supplement/nootropic that have studies behind them to increase dopamine receptor density that I can find as well as I intermittent fast every day, cold showers, exercise which all do the same. Keep experimenting, there may be something you're doing or not doing that is keeping this going, but like I said I bet your dick works you just have to be in the right scenario.
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  6. Depressed&Out

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    Sorry, I don't have time to respond to everyone's point (but might do later), but I just wanted to let you know, that recently I''ve been going clubing, 'danced' with f few girls (they were quite sexual to me, i.e, lifting my top up and then rubbing my torso!), but I've felt no horniness or arousal whatsoever.

    Also, I don't believe I'm doing anything else like excessive SocialMedia or whatever. The only thing that's throwing doubt into me is that my environment (room) is still the same as my PMO days. At the moment I can't move the furniture around as it's such a small room.

    I also rarely get any MW - the few times that it occurred, it stuck around for a while (a minute or so) at around 35% strength.
  7. jack91

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    I think you are right. Recovery is not possible for everyone. Recovery is always a miracle. Same as only two percent of alcoholics recover. All we can do is work for our own personal recovery each day and hope for the best. In meanwhile accept yourself as you are right now/me being dopamine retarted asocial wierdo. Its all porn. Its crap but thats what we have ahead. Know it, respect it and deal with it!

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