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    Hey everyone, a few years ago there was an excellent show on YouTube called YBR Radio. These episodes helped me tremendously; they were informal, insightful, and relatable. It was a few guys, not celebrities or Youtubers seeking likes and views, talking openly about their porn addictions, in a hugely practical but lighthearted way. For me, listening to this show reinforced positive habits which helped me to end my porn addiction (being close to a year I can say this now, though I remain vigilant). They were also very much on top of the scientific literature of the time, expressing it accurately, but in a succinct, clear way which tied it to lifestyle changes. Overall, an awesome show.

    Does anyone know what happened to the guys? Noah Church, the YouTube porn addiction coach, came in late to this, appearing in the second season mainly. I'd be interested to know what Dan, Charlie and Jack are up to, given that they would be in this age category now.
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