Worst case of PIED. One year on.

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  1. tommy_0113

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    One year on, little improvement. Here's the deal:

    27 year old single male

    Unable to get a full erection (often 50-60%'ers) when alone or with someone. (Problem has lasted a year with minimal change).

    Extreme premature ejaculation. I can cum with a semi hard cock way too easily. Wasn't like this before my PIED occurred.

    Fit- gym 3 times a week mostly doing weights, play football once a week.

    Rarely drink alcohol

    Smoke 1-3 cigarettes a week, sometimes less.

    No drugs.

    Not depressed.

    Been to two doctors- both confused.

    Not on any medication

    Testosterone levels checked. 'normal' according to doc

    No diabetes

    No injuries

    ED pills (Viagro)- make me stay at a 60% hardness IF aroused and when masturbating.

    Extremely rare morning wood over last year.

    Tried ginseng, Maca, horny goat weed, tribulus, citrulline, zinc, vitamin B complex. None have helped.

    Good job. No stress.

    Been on a few dates. Managed 1/3rd erection when kissing over drinks. Have to really be in the moment though.

    Right, now that that's all out the way, here's my story- a year ago in February I woke up one morning and couldn't get an erection. I played and played with it lying alone in bed. Nothing happened. Couldn't get horny at all either. The morning a day or two before that, I woke up, touched my penis and got 100% hard. I have not been able to get a 100% erection since. Very rarely, I've had morning wood. Usually occurs after not orgasming for 2+ months. I can orgasm fairly easily with a semi-hard penis. I've watched porn briefly maybe 4-5 times over the last year. Used to watch it every other day before, often edging for 2 hours each session.

    My longest streak of no PMO was 75 days. I had good morning wood towards the end but as soon as I came on day 75, the morning wood went straight away. I need to try 90 days. But I seriously think I have damage in my brain. This is due to the rapid onset of my PIED and loss of libido. This was not gradual. Literally was 100% erections and arousal to 0% in the space of 24-48 hours.

    What happened? Please help.
  2. shattered

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    You're not currently on any medication, but what about past medications?
  3. tommy_0113

    tommy_0113 Member

    Nope wasn't on anything, not on anything now.
  4. shattered

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    In the past, did you have successful sex with women? For me, I was able to give up MO for about 105 days, and I noticed an improvement right around that time. Deep down, I believe serious improvements can be made by knocking off the MO habit forever. Today is a very significant day in my life, and I'm resolving to never MO again.

    Your mind can be healed. Do all the right things (exercise and diet), and abstain from MO.
  5. Ocguy

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    You can be stressed and not even know it. I just had a qeeg brain scan from evoke neuroscience, along with heart rate variability.
    It shows not only high stress levels but more importantly, my body's weakness to deal with it. This puts me in a viscous cycle. Orgasm is somewhat stressful to the body. If I wait a few weeks i.m rock hard, but after an O. I.m dead for 2 weeks, weak erections, not in mood. I would highly recommend a test like this.

    Also "normal" T. levels is really ambiguous.
    You should post all your test results

    Other reasons for weak erections, possible hernia , inguinal.

    Vagus nerve dysfunction.

    Circulation, although at your age and the fact u train and tried citrulline as well its highly doubtful.

    Another hormonal imbalance. You should run a 24 hour urine test and get all hormones checked.

    Keep in mind, I have Lyme disease, my libido crash has been a mystery too. Alot of evidence points to stress, but like you, I don't mentally feel stressed. But all test indicators show my body is under extreme stress, it's likely immune stress, my body is trying to keep this infection from taking over.

    I.m not saying you have lyme, but you should maybe do a live blood assessment and let them see how your blood looks under a microscope. Some don't believe in this but after about 20 assessments thru the years I definitely see a correlation. If my blood looks shitty under the scope I usually feel that way and vice versa.
  6. biggleii

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    What's your diet like?
  7. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    You have to stay clean to heal.
  8. Mik2

    Mik2 Aka NwaltRed

    Out of all the possible things it could be...nah fuck it, let's just blame porn and call it a day...
    I'll tell you a story champ, I've been watching porn for 10 years, nearly every day, and I can take a break for a day or 2 and have a rock hard erection with a woman when required. You got 99 problems but porn ain't 1 :/
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  9. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    This sounds like what I had, Porn had conditioned my pelvic floor to be clenched when aroused, cutting off blood blow and only letting me get 80% hard even with a rubber band around my dick.

    about 120 days of pelvic floor training and no porn I had my erections back on my ownwith little effort. Help Guide: PC Muscle Conditioning

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