WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS! Will I ever come back to my normal state?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by hokipa, Dec 21, 2022.

  1. hokipa

    hokipa New Member

    Stopped p*rn in september, first weeks I experienced severe headaches and some nausea but I peeked in some sexual photos so I kept my mind focused on P stuff

    in the first days of October this escalated in a panic attack out of nowhere. Some weeks later (went cold turkey, not even a sexual thought) I felt better, just some derealization (like I was living in a movie and not in real life, guess it was brain fog)

    Recently, at almost 90 days I had two weeks of depression, anxiety, disrupted sleep, sense of void (sensation that nothing rly makes sense in life) just when I thought I wouldn’t have experienced other withdrawals. I NEVER experienced depression before so it should be withdrawals-induced.

    I wanna know, will this cycle of periodical withdrawal ever END? I know it gets better going on but my question is when am I gonna feel like I was before? I mean, the normal me that doesn’t live in his head constantly thinking about the worst scenarios, I hope I was clear
  2. Dane2023

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    Yes. But just remember not to blame everything on porn. Porn is indeed a bad thing and creates many withdrawal symptoms, but anxiety, depression, and sleep problems can have many reasons. Keep staying away from porn....but look at everything else in your life. Be healthy totally and completely. Practice temperance in all areas. It will go away whether it is because of porn or something else. But we all must work constantly to better ourselves. Everyday, always. It's the human condition. Don't expect quitting porn to solve all your problems. It helps, but keep living through the ups and downs.
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  3. Gil79

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    I am going through strong similar withdrawal symptoms as well at the moment. Everything is so intense and I wish that I could numb it down a bit. But it is logical that this happens to us because there are some severe brain changes involved here, with changing numbers of receptors on our nerve endings, connections being lost and new connections being built. It can take a long time. I think that Gary Wilson describes in his book that deltafosb, which plays a role in 'addictive wiring' and is elevated in the brain of porn users, only starts decreasing after a couple of months.

    Myself I have been porn and fantasy free for 4 months a couple of years ago and then only at the end (in month 3 and 4) I started feeling balanced. After that I turned back to regular use and now I have to go through this again.

    But I think that @Dane2023 also has a point. Part of it is also that with removing the veil of porn also feelings come back that we may have numbed or avoided by using porn and fantasy. That means it is the time to deal with those and heal on that front as well.
  4. Dr. Jekyll

    Dr. Jekyll Member

    I add here my two lines of thought.

    How can you be sure that your symptoms are only due to withdrawal? Couldn't it be that there is something in your life that you are not happy of and you should work on it to improve yourself?

    I am also suffering mood swings here and there as well, but I guess it is part of life. We always hid ourself behind porn to escape from the difficult reality. I think it is quite normal that whenever we feel negative emotions now, the negative feelings are much more powerful because we never dealt with them in the past. But this is the right time we should deal with reality.

    In my case, I am not happy with my job situation and I feel pretty upset. In the past, I would have simply hidden my bad emotions behind porn and kept the situation as it was, but now I am working on it to improve my life.
  5. hokipa

    hokipa New Member

    Well I obviously don’t know if it’s all because of porn but I can assure you I’ve always been quite a positive person and I always looked at my future with hope, now, from one day to another and all of a sudden, I woke up with a sense of void and desperation, like nothing makes sense in life
    how is it possible that this could happen literally overnight? This must be withdrawals cause I’ve never felt particular anxiety or sadness for so many days and without a particular reason

    That’s why I wanted to know if the situation would come back to its normal state, cause my normal self isn’t like that, not at all

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