WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS! Will I ever come back to my normal state?

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by hokipa, Dec 19, 2022.

  1. hokipa

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    Stopped p*rn in september, first weeks I experienced severe headaches and some nausea but I peeked in some sexual photos so I kept my mind focused on P stuff

    in the first days of October this escalated in a panic attack out of nowhere. Some weeks later (went cold turkey, not even a sexual thought) I felt better, just some derealization (like I was living in a movie and not in real life, guess it was brain fog)

    Recently, at almost 90 days I had two weeks of depression, anxiety, disrupted sleep, sense of void (sensation that nothing rly makes sense in life) just when I thought I wouldn’t have experienced other withdrawals. I NEVER experienced depression before so it should be withdrawals-induced.

    I wanna know, will this cycle of periodical withdrawal ever END? I know it gets better going on but my question is when am I gonna feel like I was before? I mean, the normal me that doesn’t live in his head constantly thinking about the worst scenarios, I hope I was clear

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