Wireless causes erectile dysfunction!

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  1. Determination6

    Determination6 New Member

    Do u have expiriences with this?? I have this problem, so where to escape from wi-fi signals and how to find a girl that doesnt use smartphone?
  2. Psalm 51:2

    Psalm 51:2 Wash away all my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin.

    In remote areas i.e. remote villages or by yourself in the wild but since the Internet is now everywhere in developped countries I think you're only hope is to move to south america, africa or some parts of asia / russia / australia.

    In the US/Canada unless u live in a remote area, and in Europe it's become impossible to find a place without the Internet at all.

  3. Determination6

    Determination6 New Member

    In my opinion Cuba is more attractive solution. ;)
    I bought wireless armour short (that protects form sterility by blockig electromagnetic waves) and solved part of the problem (now i can masturbate even 5 times a day!) but still dont have idea how to live with a person who uses it.
  4. Borges08

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    Dude really..
  5. Determination6

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    No more sex in Japan https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/20/young-people-japan-stopped-having-sex
  6. UpendiT

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    They were one of the first countries to roll out high speed internet, and given their geographical makeup, reaching most of their citizens was much easier than a country like USA.

    But now that most of USA has high speed internet access as well, we should be seeing trends similar to Japan.

    EDIT: Forgot to add... this is due to people consuming high amounts of P from a young age thanks to good ol high speed internet.
  7. JG55

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    Come on guys...

    More access to wireless high speed internet means more access to high speed internet porn.

    You figure out the rest.
  8. Determination6

    Determination6 New Member

    It is a trend all over the world http://thenextweb.com/insider/2016/08/16/millennials-are-having-less-sex-because-smartphones/#gref
    I'm from Europe...so how often do u have sex? Be honest ???
  9. UpendiT

    UpendiT Member

    Considering the fact that I've had severe ED all of my adult life, never...
  10. Determination6

    Determination6 New Member

    And how old are u? Did u see pornography as a teenager (not on TV)?


    Big Apple denizens have gone from the digital age back to the Victorian era when it comes to sex, with more adults — even young ones — remaining abstinent, a Post analysis of city Health Department data shows.

    Nearly a third of all of the city’s adults said they had not had intercourse or oral sex in a year, according to the latest 2014 statistics.
  11. Determination6

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    I think it is dangerous to have erection in front of electronic devices. That's reason why pornography causes dysfunction!
    Electromagnetic field damages nervous system or circulation... in any case it reduces number of sperms, and without sperm there is no sexual desire!
    Electromagnetic field also causes stress, and that kills sex life!
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