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  1. Forgive Me

    Forgive Me tmrw belongs to people who prepare for it today!

    Hope your ok dude.

    Never lose hope mate, their is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep fighting your demons and i hope we see you back on the forum some time soon.
  2. RedPill

    RedPill Back to Reality...

    Hope you come back here, gettingthere. Even if it's just to let us know you coping on some basic level, even if you have PMOed every day. We won't judge.

    I just considered leaving the forum there for a while, as I am deep in the throws of depression right now. I've hit rock bottom. But just knowing that there are people in the world who will listen and understand, who can sincerely empathise, is a great comfort. I feel like I have nobody in my social circle who truly gives a shit about my well-being, but I know when I read these journals that there are people out there that actually 'get it'.

    I hope you post again soon man. Nobody will think any less of you for relapsing, even if it is really bad. Hope to hear from you.
  3. I-AM-A-MAN

    I-AM-A-MAN I Vow to Never Take Another Peek

    Gettingthere. Come on back brother. You have unfinished business kicking this PMO addiction to the curb. Wishing you the best.
  4. Hi gettingthere, I don't know what your shame relates to exactly, and I don't expect you to share that unless you want to, but I think that your shame is pretty concrete evidence of your good side. As long as that's in tact, I think there should always be hope.
  5. Prinster

    Prinster New Member

    Hey Gettingthere.
    Having had a recent relapse I know how you feel. I have installed software that warns me prior to looking at the images and so far that warning has been enough to stop me. You sound like a strong person with a weakness rather than a weak person with a strength. Dig deep my friend we will survive this to go forward and get the life we all derserve. I also highly recommend S.A.A. They are so supportive and you don't need to believe in god but just have an understanding of a higher power as you see it. I go to a weekly meeting as well as two net meetings per week, it gives me strength of support by others and I always come away with some understanding of my personality and that of others. Anyway it's good to see your post and I wish you every strength in overcomming the blight we all endure. Head for better times and enjoy getting there.

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