Winning And diagnosis found for me

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    While I haven't been on this forum in a while... I was as chronic as one could be...I'll spare u the details...last year I had a testosterone test and it came back at 10.2.....doc said it was within range and it was OK...i eventuallysl saw an endocrinologist who ordered another test that came back at 6.2..usually symptoms of low testosterone....low interest in sex,fatigue, can't get it up,brain fog ect...Penis shrunk.... Turns out that I'm low in testosterone... So he puts me on trt....levels today are 27.2 and had first injection 3 weeks ago.stiff as a poker at night time that it wakes me.unfortunately while I'm married I feel my wife has lost patients with me an we no longer sleep I can't really Test it... But I'm feeling good so far. Fingers crossed for everyone and hope ye solve All your the way I was totally clean of all porn for over a year and half before I started trt....peace out

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