will real sex become exciting

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by dig deep, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. dig deep

    dig deep must stop wasting my life on porn

    ive read that the biggest sex organ is the brain and thats where porn gets you,but my problem is when ive had sex ive found it boring and a couple of times ive lost my erection,has anyone one else had this problem of finding porn more exciting.
    what can i do so i enjoy real sex more than porn,does a long abstinence of pmo help or will i always find porn more exciting,does anyone have any experience of this
  2. spacefriend

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    Stop watching porn = real sex is more exciting
  3. Julesb69

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    Porn is all about fantasy. And Sex can have a lot of fanatsy in it too. Many people think about other things and people and images when they have sex with their partners. It might not be ideal in either of your eye's, but there's only something wrong with it if it makes you unhappy and uncomfortable. If it does, then somethings may need addressing.

    If there is something that turns you on in a particular way, then consider openly discussing this with your partner, whilst re-assuring them that you still adore them. That it's just a 'thing' you have and would love if they coulsd help you fulfill that fantasy. If you communicate honestly and openly there's always a chance they might love the challenge, especially if you're open, genuine and caring about it. Maybe they will enjoy being more slutty, or vocal, or what ever it is that flicks your switch. You never know, they might be having the same thoughts as you...
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    If you abstain from porn for 30-90+ days you'll find it more exciting :D
  5. Stiffenthesinews

    Stiffenthesinews when no one else ever cared

    Great posts pawz. You're leaving me with little to say.

    Well, I've felt the same boredom during sex. I was with incredibly attractive women, but would find myself getting bored easily after the initial period of excitement from the prospect of having sex. I'd find myself having to try to think of porn to help me stay aroused to no avail.

    If you stay away from porn eventually you will get to the point when porn doesn't enter into your mind, and real sex will become exciting and arousing. It may take weeks or months, but trust me you will start to feel overwhelming urges for sex with women.
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  7. Motivated4Life

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    Porn has messed up the dopamine levels in your brain.. now you can't judge how exciting things really are (I'm in the same boat right now).. You have to stay away from porn and masturbation until your brain rewires itself to the real thing (time is different for everyone) but I would suggest hooking up with as many girls, cuddling and kissing, and you'll be on the fast track to recovery. Believe me, I can remember my sex life before watching porn... sex with a real girl is VERY exciting if your brain isn't addicted to porn lol.
  8. Short answer. yes.

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