wil having real sex hinder my reboot (whitout O) relapsed after 3 years NO PMO

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Anewlife, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Hello fellow rebooters,

    After 3 years of No PMO i relapsed a couple of times and feel like being back to square 1 again.

    I can get erections for sex, they are a little less hard of what they used to be... My libido and sexdrive are completly gone...

    I want to do another reboot to regain my libido again.

    Should i limit al sex? or is having sex while not O'ing fine?

    Thanks in advance
  2. karyehs

    karyehs Member

    You made the same thread in 2014 ago, too. "Relapsed after more than 2 years..."

    I haven't read your other posts actively, but you took testosterone, etc..

    Maybe you should go to an urologist and ANY other doc he will redirect you to. (Psychologist, internist, etc..)

    Your libido is the stuff which makes you WANT to have sex... If you can get a boner for sex you definitly have a libido.

    Rewiring is important, too...

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