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    You've been on many web sights claiming there's a secret way to get any girl you want with ONE simple trick. But when you click on the link it's a video of how you should buy this book. All humans want are a quick fix, that's why you started to PMO in the first place, to have a quick high than to feel immensely guilty afterwards. There is no secret way to sleep with any woman you want and there is definitely no tricks to get with any women quickly. All women are unique and like to be treated differently. I can't tell you how to get any woman you want within a matter of minutes, but I can tell you what most women love in a man.
    There are so many things to talk about in getting women, but I'm going to tell you the 3 things that all women want and love.

    Women love guys who are confident, that's why you always see the douchbag or the jerk get the women, it's because they have mad confidence that you don't have! Having confidence isn't as hard to achieve then you think. You don't even have to have confidence but just fake it until you make it. ( if your not PMO'ing, then you already have confidence). To exhibit confidence to a woman walk with your back straight, make lots of eye contact, and dress nice. Confidence shows a girl that you love yourself, and women don't want to be with a guy who has low self-esteem.
    Pro tip- If your trying to get a girl to be fascinated with you, don't smile too much when making lots of eye contact. If she doesn't smile back at you, then she probably isn't interested.

    Women are deeply interested in guys who are very secretive. It's no wonder why women love reading romantic mystery novels, they love them! But you don't have to be a James Bond to be very mysterious. Being mysterious is semi-hard to accomplish, sometimes you have to plan it out ahead to get a girl to want to solve your mystery. For example, if your texting a girl just flat out stop responding to her, then the next time y'all meet tell her you had "buisness" to take care of. If she ask what business, just tell her maybe later or it's top secret to be a little playful. If you sprinkle being mysterious with women there going to want to get to know you, and use that as leverage to get into a relationship.
    Pro-tip- when your texting a girl, tell her a story and right when your about to get to the climax tell her you'll tell her the rest of the story when y'all go and get coffee together or go to a restaurant.

    Women love a guy who is popular, no doubt about that. That's why you see the baddest chicks with the popular dudes. But haveing status doesn't mean you have to be the coolest dude or having millions of dollars (but haveing those definitely won't hurt your chances with women). But to have status means that you at least get money and people know your name. To become more known, start talking to your piers more often and have a genuine conversation with them. Also get a job and spend money wisely, so when your out with a girl you can buy her food to demonstrate your not broke, women hate nobody's unless the women herself is a nobody.
    Pro-tip: get good at some sport and/or lift a lot to demonstrate that you are a big dog, women want guys who are the big dogs.

    Start working on getting all these traits so you'll go from a nobody, to the KING. Then women will be more attracted to you.
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    What of looks?
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    I think I like your philosophy here.

    I need to adjust my approach to better embody the mystery principle.

    That's strikes me as incredibly devious. It may well work. I'd feel bad about using that tactic. But I'm already feel I'm probably too generous with my information-sharing with women I'm trying to date...

    I should be less detailed when they ask me about my job. They probably don't want the details anyway, not yet.

    For confidence, I need more practice dating. For status, I just need to keep being great at my job and related extra-curricular projects. I think I'm on the right track.
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    Confidence, status bla bla. Just have some plates (girls you fuk but don't really care about) and your success with better women will get higher
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    I don't recall that, but continue...

    Well, I think that was secondary to using it as a coping mechanism for the horrible trauma I suffered as a small child, but continue...

    So these unique, complex creatures are all the same?

    They also have daddy's money, a cool car, and the parents who go away every weekend so he can have parties at his mansion...that I never get invited to. :( Why is this starting to sound like the trailer to a 1980s high school movie John Hughes would have written?

    Pee Wee Herman did all of these things. Still ended up in that theater.

    Pro tip? But I'm just a highly-ranked amateur. I haven't even declared eligibility. Maybe she's not smiling back because you're standing straight up leering at her in a tuxedo?

    So true...ask the wife or girlfriend of any porn or drug addict. They LOVE secrecy!

    So I have to be like James Bond?

    Oh, thank God.

    Sounds like a healthy, non-manipulative way to start things off to me!

    Did I miss the part where this is about getting mentally disabled women who can't see through this kind of manipulative banter?

    As opposed to men, who prefer women widely hated by their peers.

    Is this how-to being written by an 80s hair band?

    OK, so I tried this. Drove to the ocean, started talking to the pier. Not only did it not attract women, people thought I was crazy talking to this wooden structure where people were fishing off the side of and buying cotton candy. So I almost gave up and then I remembered "He said piers! Not pier!" So I drove down the road and talked to that pier. Same results. And I really opened up and had a genuine conversation. The pier was quiet.

    Is this about dating regular women or strippers with daddy issues?

    I'm surprised you had time to find time to write this in all the pussy you're probably swimming in. Seriously though, thank you so much for setting my life straight. I only wish you were trying to sell something so I could buy two of them.
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