Why would you feel PLEASURE seeing another man get what you want?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by ultrafabber, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. ultrafabber

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    Seriously, that's what porn is, that's all there is to it. If you really want to be aroused, at least watch solo women like playboy pics or something.

    Watching "boy-girl" porn is FEELING PLEASURE seeing another guy get the woman YOU WANT. She is pleasuring HIM, while you sit on the sideline, being ignored. And YOU ENJOY IT.

    You should either ignore it or be pissed off it's him, not you. YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL PLEASURE.

    Porn has been "normalized" very recently, even 3 decades ago watching others have sex was seen as messed up. Up until a few decades ago, watching others have sex was something virtually non-existent. You think people in the 19th, 15th, 5th country WATCHED OTHERS have sex? No. It was something extremely rare done by degenerates/aristocrats.
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  2. Doper

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    I'd say drinking schlitz and watching cam girls is not as classy as drinking fine wines and watching your stable boy get down with the chambermaid.
  3. breath

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    good to see some humor here.... :)

    porn may have many inherent problems.

    In general fantasy is fantasy... Even in real sex between loving partners mayb involve fantasy sometime... is it a slippery slope?... maybe...

    Fantasy may or may not be an obstacle to reall happening partner sex where the partners are really in the moment with EACH OTHER
  4. Universal

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    That has become one of my primary reasons for quitting. It's not something I ever thought about or considered in the beginning, it was always just a means of getting a bigger high. I always started off with les or solo female but as my reward circuitry began to numb I needed a harder hit as I wanted sex more.. Watching sex was a way of me putting myself in another dudes shoes to pretend like I was doing the fucking. But basically this is almost literal cuckoldry. Disgusting. Such a shame there aren't more barriers to stop ourselves from exposure at such young ages, I think realizing this fact if we were exposed to porn as adults would recognize this cuckoldry a lot easier.

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