Why would anyone vote for trump or Hillary?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by bucketter, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Joo

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    World leaders (read: puppets on a string) are selected not elected. You're living in lala-land if you think voting matters.
  2. bronx

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    trump said sorry for 'my offensive language'. lol. I doubt it will change his poll ratings
  3. ls558

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    I hope this topic gets closed.
  4. mik

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    No, I'm saying the existing government has some sort of final say in the election. If the government is corrupted, and the government runs/controls the elections, why is it difficult for you to believe that they might put their own interests first and would have the power to do so?

    The lobbyists just supply the corrupt governments with monetary incentives. Of course I'm not saying it works this way, I'm just saying it could very easily work this way without anyone being any the wiser. Isn't it a little strange that Hillary is back in the lead? Just cause reasons? Even as speculation about her criminal offences and health grows?

    Also, I feel like Trump is so filthy rich at this point that he doesn't really care about making all that much more money, outside of his businesses and investments that probably run mostly on autopilot, generating an obscene amount of investment income. There is a point where even narcissists get bored with amassing more wealth, it seems as though he is much more interested in amassing more power at this point.
  5. bucketter

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    Ok yeah I read your post wrong then.
    Yeah the government does have the power to put their own interests first in many things, now that I've clearly read through the point I understand it better.

    And yes they do supply monetary incentives, that's money in politics, the thing that so many people are campaigning to get rid off now.
    Honestly the way the election has been running, Hillary is in the lead now than trump will take over by a point or two and they just keep swapping. Honestly I think she will take the lead as more people start realizing that they will have to hold their nose and vote for her be user the other guy is off his fucking rocker. And that's a small blessing and a big curse at the same time.

    With trump I see a man who solely focuses on money and power interchangeably, a guy like trump wants both and as much of it as he can get.

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