Why would anyone vote for trump or Hillary?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by bucketter, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. bucketter

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    One outright says he will torture, has no respect for the constitution, advocates a Muslim ban, however has very few liberal policies.
    The other is a lying Warhawk, who panders to the wrong people, claims to be for the people but is in favour of wars which we shouldn't be in.

    It's like choosing whether to have your right femur or your left femur snapped, you might have your left one snapped because you have more balance on your right but either way, your femur will be snapped
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    This thread is TOTALLY out of its place. The description of the "Porn addiction" subforum is: Discuss everything related to pornography addiction and how to overcome it.

    The question is interesting, but doesn't belong on this forum at all. If we add politics on top of the bullshit we have on this forum nowadays, it'll turn into a big mess.
  3. bucketter

    bucketter Guest

    You right, you definitely right. On second thought I can see this wouldn't be a good topic to talk to some guys about anyway, so I'll probably take it down.
    Just need a differant conversation other than watching porn and stroking tip all day.
  4. tellmewhoiam

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    Why isn't there an off topic section (most forums have such a section).
  5. ted93704

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    I think Muslims should be banned..or at the very least watched in this country..they are a dangerous group much like the Nazis during and after world war 2 till this day...Islam desires to take over the world. Any politician that wants to allow those filthy vermin into this country en mass does not have the well being of the American public in mind! Just look at Europe for cryin out loud!
  6. bucketter

    bucketter Guest

    Well that's a very extremist view. So you want to watch ALL Muslims in the world becuase of the actions of radicals which don't dictate all Muslims? and of that's how you feel then why stop at Muslims? There's a lot of Christians extremists that in killed in the name of religion too, should we have those watched?
    And besides what Muslims are you talking about? There are Muslim sectors out there that are completely pacifist, and denounce groups like Isis regularly and Isis has killed Muslims before.
    Are we not gonna talk about how Isis gained a lot of power by and large from America's actions?
    Many politicians don't have the American public in mind anyway, they have the 1% And the establishment in mind.
  7. tellmewhoiam

    tellmewhoiam Guest

    Trump is a narcisstic idiot and Hillary is hypocrite war mongering witch. I pity the American people for having to choose the lesser of two evils.
  8. bucketter

    bucketter Guest

    We didn't have to, we had Bernie.
    But because people don't realize till it's too late we missed out.
  9. mik

    mik Guest

    Seeing as I haven't actually been to see eastern civilizations with my own eyes, I can only speculate as to the degree that they may be more internally violent than our own western society. I don't believe for a moment that the majority of people in eastern civ are anything less than good people. I do believe there is evidence to suggest that eastern civ is more internally violent/conflicted than western civ.

    Western culture has led the way towards peaceful civilization, that's just the reality.
    Less peaceful civilizations will breed more violence, it's human nature to become violent if that is all you know.

    That doesn't mean that the west is guiltless, many of the actions of our "leaders" have been horrific, particularly involving external violence towards the rest of the world.
    The people in charge within our western countries have not played it purely defensively throughout history, which breeds anger and resentment from less civilized parts of the world.

    If we are going to put up borders, splitting the world into different civilizations, then it only makes sense to protect our own way of life. I can dream of a world where there are no borders, but I am not naive enough to think that we could get there without bloodshed. There are many violent, unempathetic people in this world who would not go willingly into a peaceful worldwide civilization.

    On the topic of Hillary and Trump, they are obviously both terrible choices. It comes down to choosing the lesser of 2 evils or not choosing at all.

    Trump may very well do more than just defend america with a wall, shoot first and ask questions later seems to be more his style. There is a chance he might close the gap between the working class and the establishment/corporations/government, but i doubt it. He hasn't really "worked" a day in his cushy business class life.

    Hillary will do nothing at all. She is a figurehead for the establishment, the government will simply continue to grow along with other large corporations while the rest of us beg for the scraps.

    Voting is an outdated concept, we can close the gap without Trump's help. He's not particularly bright, and the information age has brought us into contact with far more worthy leaders outside of the establishment of government.
  10. mik

    mik Guest

    I recently watched the movie "Elysium", and I was horrified to see those on Elysium seemingly unempathetic to the plight of those left on a nearly uninhabitable Earth.

    Then it hit me, that's us. Elysium is the west and we all cower behind the big guns to protect our high class society, leaving so many others to suffer.
  11. bucketter

    bucketter Guest

    "Western culture has led the way towards peaceful civilization, that's just the reality."
    well to say a statement like that , you would really have to define what a "western culture" really is? is it a collection of countries or values? what determines western culture and what determines eastern culture?

    There actually are arguments for just having flat out open borders, I don't know all too much about them so I can't really speak on them but I know they are there.

    I don't trust trump with a military and resources the size of america's, and when we are talking nuclear weapons I trust him even less, trump has said maybe 2 things I somewhat agree on, and they are on the tip of my tongue I just can't remember, forgive me I've not slept in a while
    Hillary to me is pretty much a steady as you go kind of president, there won't be a whole bunch of change but if there is it could make things worse or slightly better, shes just another establishment person and that on top of other things is why I dislike her so much.
    at this point I'd vote for a 3rd term of Obama easily, he's done some very questionable things throughout his 8 years but he'd do more good than I could ever see someone like trump or Hillary ever doing.
  12. mik

    mik Guest

    ::) Well, let's say just for the sake of argument the earth is roughly spherical, and let's say that we could cut that sphere in half roughly in the middle of the world's landmasses.
    Everything to the west would then be classified as "the west", and everything to the east of that line would be classified as "the east" ;)

    Why are they arguments for having flat out open borders? If the west has a more civilized peaceful society then people are going to want to be very careful about who they let in.
    Are you not aware of the attacks/rapes/violence occurring in Europe right now? That's an example of an open border situation.

    I'd like to keep the peace thank you kindly, the rapists can stay where they are until we can find a way to separate the good people from the not so good. Of course they don't seem to be too good at that in the states judging by the amount of supposed criminals they have locked up for minor, non violent offences.
  13. mik

    mik Guest

    Never mind, sometimes my snarkiness gets ahead of factual information.
    Let's say north eastern culture and we'll include quite a bit of Europe in there cause reasons.

    I've been watching to many Stefan Molynuex videos lately, he's a bright guy but I should have checked his geography facts before using language like west and east, where the fuck does that even come from.

    Let's go with European culture.
  14. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    I was just in an uber ride with a former service man who went to travel the world as a FBI agent. He had nothing but nice things to say about "eastern civilization". People who make the distinction between east and west are people who have no grasped the reality of the world we are living in. Many of the problems the "easterners" are facing, the west already faced, think Inquisition, pre-enlightenment era etc. Repressed hardcore religious institutions shutting down individual liberty etc, you know the rest. The western world was just first on the lineup to face those hard times and come out for the better, the eastern civilizations are following suit.

    SO, therefore, it isn't a east vs west comparison but rather a modern vs archaic situation wherein the majority of western countries have modernized in social code, economic and political codes, "easterners" are getting there.

  15. mik

    mik Guest

    But dude, I just said that?
    European culture wasn't so rosy in the past, there were a lot more violent people on the loose. We didn't just magically transform into a relatively peaceful society in a few seconds with the wave of some historical magic wand.

    These violent individuals make up the minority in "eastern" culture for sure, but there are still quite a few of them causing a lot of harm, and they are proving their willingness to bring that harm to Europe.
    From the attack in Paris, to the increase in rape and violence in London. The problems in Europe could have been avoided with proper screening techniques rather than just opening the gates and rolling out the welcome mat.
  16. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    Trump the Chump named Hillary
  17. ls558

    ls558 Member

    So the topic came to this forum too. I guess you can't avoid it.

    All I have to say, is anyone who is in America is fucked regardless of the outcome of this election. I really feel bad for you. I hope the geopolitical agenda does not lead to more wars in the middle east.
  18. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    It's a false dichotomy....quad-chotomy this year (Jill, Gary).

    It really doesn't matter who's President of the United States, the "real" powers that be made sure of that a long, long time ago. It's all a dog and pony show to gauge where the public's emotions are on certain issues.

    That being said, we are far from powerless to change our country or the world. What's needed is new paradigms and people getting together outside of traditional institutions of power to facilitate change, that is were all our focus should be.

    The "old world" will crumble (is crumbling), there's no stopping that now. What we need to do right now is build alternative institutions based on equality and morality to replace those institutions who are no longer viable.
  19. mik

    mik Guest

    The powers that be manipulate primarily via financial means, and offers to power hungry individuals/puppets, they might have a tough time manipulating Trump in this way.

    I would be surprised if Trump even managed to win, no doubt the powers that be might have some sway in the outcome of an election, regardless of the choice of the masses. You can call me paranoid for thinking this way, but it's not as though there isn't evidence for it.
  20. bucketter

    bucketter Guest

    I think those types of conspiracy theories are kind of crazy, there's evidence for the really rich giving political "donations" aka bribes to the candidates, no doubt, but to say they have some sort of final say in the presidency is just weird, some of the top 1% freaked out when trump took the lead by 3 points, if they could really control the outcome by something more than a financial means, I couldn't see them being too phased by it. They shouldn't be anyway. The top 1% are fucking billionaires, own more whealth than than the bottom 50% combined. If they have that much power then they could financially sway any president including trump because he isn't as rich as them. If money were out of politics this wouldn't be happening.

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