Why wont this ever end?

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  1. Superunknown

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    So a brief history, Ive had problems since i was 21, Im 37 now. I started trying to heal around 28yo. I did a few hard mode 3 month reboots, which then allowed me to have some decent sex. At one point a few years ago I did a full 6 months hard mode...I regained function for a month or two but then orgasmed too much. I got limper and limper and libido went away. So I tried another reboot. I was going for six months, but only made it to five before I got drunk and had sex with a neighbor. So now Im like well the streak is over, so lets see if Im healed.

    Ive now had sex twice, and each time sucks. Im not getting that effortless hardon that comes when youre fully healed (i know the feeling as after my other 6 month reboot. I had it for a bit. It was glorious). Im spacing my orgasms 5-7 days apart so as to not overload my body. I guess the point of my post is Im just frustrated Ive been dealing with this for so long. Nothing else in my life is going wrong except this and my lifes on hold, I cant move on to the next step till this is solved.

    At this point Ive been off of porn for so long. Not looking at it is a trial I went through a decade ago, its been firmly dealt with.

    Some good news is after orgasm, my dick isnt shrinking and becoming dead....like it did before when I was orgasming too much. I also dont feel the chaser effect after orgasm which as we know is a sign you arent healed.

    When Im fooling around, I get about 80% wood, not the 100% Im wanting. Why the fuck wont my dick just cooperate so we can both get what we want?
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  2. Guts

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    Whoa Superunknown ive been reading your posts for the last 3 months. Im 100 days hardmode and still struggling with consistency. But reading through all your posts has really helped me. Im gonna try and go beyond 6 months hard mode and see what happens. I think the reality is we have to stay consistent. Ive been fighting this for a long time as well.
  3. Superunknown

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    After reading a few success stories it seems some guys are having to rewire for months after their reboot to really get going. Can anyone confirm this or am I just reading what I want to read?

    Shiva I wish you luck. I do recommend the 6 months hard mode, its been the only thing thats ever shown a measure of success with me.
  4. Hey superunknown, I've been rebooting for about 3.5 years now. It took me a year plus before my dick started working again. Then, like you, I crashed and it stopped working for a month or two at a time. Then it would work again for a couple weeks before crashing again. Very erratic. Only within the last few months has my success rate gotten pretty consistent. After all this time I'm finding now if I go more than a couple of weeks hardmode my EQ is not always great that first time. Maybe a PA thing, but who knows? I used to think rewiring was overrated, but now I'm not so sure. I will say I had alot of bad sex the last couple of years before getting to where I am now.
  5. Superunknown

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    Thanks man, its good to hear those in similar situations and hear about your progress.
  6. Doper

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    I've also went six months super mega hard mode, after kinda half assing it for 6 months prior to that, and was definitely cured. I stayed away from the porn for a long time then I got back into it thinking I could dabble and it would take a long time for the ED to come back, fuckin stupid. It only took a few months and the morning wood was gone and a lifeless dick while a chicks sucking it......... and I've been trying to dig myself out of that hole for the last 8 months. My problem now is I don't have the same resolve I did before. I will be perfect on average for about a week then I will peek at some shit for literally a few minutes (porn, sexy pics, dating sites), I may not jerk off or nut, but it just ruins the entire thing, I may not be going backwards but if you do that you also don't go forward AT ALL. I bet a solid 30 days of doing it right and no fantasy whatsoever is better than 5 months of what I've been doing. I recognize this and can't stop myself for that few minutes. Even though I am watching 99.999% less porn, if you let yourself get that buzz for a few minutes a week, you ain't getting better. Not a very good risk/reward ratio. So I don't know if you guys might be doing the same thing, or doing something else along the same lines, but I find if you are doing it utterly perfect, you heal and quite quickly, if your aren't absolutely perfect, you don't heal at all.
    That's what's so frustrating. If a 2 pack a day smoker went down to 1 cigarette a week, well that would be phenomenal and he should be very proud, but this pied shit is different, that one little hit will wipe you out. I find it's after about the 10-14 day mark that you actually even start healing at all. It sucks because I got this girl that wants to fuck and my dick has worked at about 80% so far which ain't bad, but after I nut I just flatline and it takes a week or so until it's gonna work again, so basically I can't heal. I personally think rewiring is not a real thing, I completely cured myself without rewiring at all years ago. But I'm sure I could be wrong. I'm on the fence about it because maybe the intimacy would be good or it might just make this go on forever.
  7. Superunknown

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    Any theories on why the OP would see benefits from prior reboots, but this one didnt bring back erections? Is it because it was only five months? Is six the magic number?

    Should I do yet another reboot or just keep trying to force my erection?"
  8. Guts

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    Hmmm were you getting the same morning wood as you were on this streak superunknown? If i were you id keep abstaining till you get morning wood everyday atleast. Do 9 months hardmode. Hell i might reset and do it with you.
  9. Superunknown

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    OP here.

    Had sex twice last night. Boners sucked. Forced the last session. Woke up this morning with the shriveled, cold, dead dick. I guess that means I wasnt done rebooting? Do normal people ever get this or is this one of our defining symptoms?
  10. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    Have you ruled out physical causes with your doctor? It may be that you aren't completely rebooted, but you should talk to your physician just to make sure there isn't something physical going on here.
  11. Superunknown

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    yup. 3 different urologists. they all agree my weiner is physically flawless.
  12. Miller111

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    Jesus Christ!! Any updates on this?
  13. Big Lebowski

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    What I’ve learnt from relapsing since I found this site in 2012 is that you can’t half ass this. You have to never look back and stop relapsing. I never made progress whatsoever when I went on long streaks and then relapsed or binged. Recovery is teetotal by giving up porn completely for good, I still haven’t got a libido back or my erections ain’t consistent yet but I’ve had moments where I’ve had them, prior to this run I lost
    My ability to have morning wood whilst pmoing.
  14. Superunknown

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    OP here. No updates. I am with a very loving understanding woman now who is willing to fight this with me. We are going to try what worked for Gabe and spend the next year just rewiring, and not paying any attention to my peen. I feel like after the multiple reboots Ive done, including a 6 month and a 5 month, I probably dont need more time off hardmode. Gonna try hardcore rewiring now. I dont really understand why I need rewiring as Ive had lots of successful sex before but Im trying everything here.
  15. Miller111

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    @Superunknown - have you relapsed in the time of 28yrs old to 37 yrs old. If you haven’t, are you telling us you’ve quit pmo 9 years ago and your ed problems aren’t fixed???? The doctor also says you are fine?
  16. Superunknown

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    I have relapsed a few times yes. And I think it was 32-37, I checked my log. I started quitting pmo in 2013. I have done a 6 month long hardmode that resulted in getting a month of perfect function back, then each time I had sex my libido slowly waned until I had nothing left again. Just did a five month, and didnt give me any progress. I dont know if 6 months is a magic number for me, or a year. Or whats going on at this point really. My sex therapist thinks its performance anxiety.

    For me at least, having sex for years with a limp noodle, even without PM, does not work. Ive tried that multiple times. For some reason abstaining for long periods is effective.
  17. Gavalar09

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    So youre still struggling?
    Been doing this myself for 6 months and everytime I have sex I hit a flatline.
    Had to use cialis a few times but not used it now for a month.
    Had incredible sex last week but then days later could barely get it up.
    I also don't get morning wood anymore
  18. Vinc

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    What is hardmode?
  19. Vinc

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    Somebody plz tell me what is hardmode?
  20. No porn, no masturbation, no sex.

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