Why were we advised wrong?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Unstable, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Unstable

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    We can all agree upon the negative impacts of masturbation and porn. Yet throughout our lifetime we were told that these activities were beneficial. Scientist, doctors and media commenters alike raved about the benefits and how it is a must for a healthy lifestyle. But constant PMOing effects are detrimental to our physical and mental health. PMO literally makes you a lesser man. Ancient and medieval thoughts were contrary to the modern thoughts on this matter especially that of ancient Asian medicine

    So was it a naive mistake of the power that be or a deliberate attempt to misinform and corrupt man? Starting to think it is the latter,
  2. KingJames

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    A deliberate attempt to emasculate and feminize men maybe?
  3. SwimAddict

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    My theory is this: The only people who advise on these matters are biased towards porn as a good thing

    The people who we turn to for advice are psychologists.

    The people who become psychologists got (worthless) psychology degrees

    The people who get psychology degrees (and other worthless degrees) are artsy and liberal

    Artsy, liberal people embrace porn, masturbation, and sex

    Therefore people who become psychologists are far more likely to be in favor of porn than not!! People like Gary Wilson are exceptions and get heavy criticism from the "real" Psychologists !!
  4. Where have you come across anyone that says porn is beneficial? In what way did they say it was beneficial?
  5. Psalm Reborn

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    I've heard that before too. I can't point you out to a specific article though.
  6. Primetime

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    I too have always heard that porn would be a good stress relief. But I don't really believe in the whole conspiracy shit. People have been wrong about all kinds of stuff for ages. Smoking, heroin, cocaine. Why couldn't they be wrong about pornography? I don't see why it would be a conspiracy against men. (Or a conspiracy by psychologists for that matter. It's just conservatism in science. You have that in every science and concerning a lot of subjects.)
  7. FreedomSeaker

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    I'm not sure of someone saying that specifically, but certainly there's a culture surrounding us that embraces in your face over the top sexuality. Porn is more of a laughed off topic when it comes up in conversation. Guys joking about it, women sometimes conceding, "I just figure all guys look at porn sometimes". It's just been embraced by society as being ok and perfectly welcome. I walk into the convenience store and there's a rack of porn mags. I hit "page down" past channel two tonight on accident and there's 10 different paid porn channels with tempting titles catching my eye. I don't even need to mention the Internet since we're all so painfully familiar with the constant seductive advertising there. I listen to the radio and the topics and language in the songs are at least 50% sex related...90% depending on what station and genre. I drive by a strip club on the way to work with a sign that is the silhouette of a naked woman. I see at least 15 good looking girls in the big city each day walking across the street with shorts that more closely resemble panties. I tried watching the wolf of Wall Street several weeks ago and felt like it was an edging relapse until I finally got up and turned it off...faking my disgust for my wife.

    Point being I think society as a whole is telling the lie, "porn is good". If not porn specifically, then suggesting that over the top sensational in your face sexuality is normal, awesome...and you, Mr. Consumer, need to feast on it.
  8. toxicviper23

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    They can't take control of everything If the population is strong willed, driven, confident, intelligent etc...

    Men are the ones who act when there's a problem in society. We are driven to go out and change what's wrong with things.

    So basically they want the male population hooked on porn to drain our confidence, willpower, focus and intelligence.

    That's why the feminist movement is being pushed by the media. Women don't put up a fight like men do. They are wired to survive so they can look after their babies, even if it means being a slave.

    So when governments come to take rights away from the people, they want the men incapacitated and too weak willed to care.

    All about weakening the population physically, mentally and spiritually so they can have control.
  9. Primetime

    Primetime New Member

    First of all, governments have taken control of the populations, even strong willed and physically fit populations. I'm sure they'd figure something out.

    Plus, do you really believe porn is funded by the government? That this is all a big government scheme? Like porn isn't simply a billion dollar industry. Like they need ANY other motive than simple cash to do what they do.

    I won't even go into all the sexist shit you just said.
  10. Wether this is happening as part of a specific endeavor or it's just happening as a result of our cultures "natural evolution" i can't deny that it is happening. Personally i think that the overwhelming amount of sexualisation is a result of natural evolution of our moneycentric society. People are simply abusing it to make money off of.

    As far as the feminist movement as a means to take power from men. I think it's in a similar vein. There's no doubt that the typical roles of man and woman in western society are morphing and essentially swapping. Men are becoming emotionally, financially reliant on women and women are typically more driven in school and work. Generalisations abound! But i don't se any evidence to say it's being propelled by an ideal.

    Regardless, ill end with a quote from Asimov

    "Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding it's way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

    Yeh i know what you mean. Sometimes unexpected "soft porn" like in music videos turns me on, other times i get angry at the sexualisation being shoved in our face and how that effects both sexes growing up.
  11. Primetime

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    Could not have said it better myself. Thanks.
  12. i think that the powers at be will use anything they can to suppress real men and women and porn can be another one of those things, but kinda off topic there is a book by Aldous Huxley a top eugenicist, and he wanted to hypersexualize young females and young males so that they will be having sex by the age of 10 and dead at 20. They actually put alot of soy in pretty much everything we eat, which creates alot of estrogen and makes men more feminine and they also have BPA in plastic which is an estrogen mimicker, and hyper feminizes women and men also.
  13. Rusty

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    Never heard anyone say psychology is worthless. You sound quite right wing. Like one of those people that think everyone should be engineers, mechanics or IT techs and nobody should study anything for pleasure.

    Try not to be so critical - a teen may read that and think I wont study English, art, philosophy etc and they could have been an amazing teacher, thinker, writer, artist.
  14. Mart71

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    Not one person in my life (over 40 years so far) advised me, that PMO is "beneficial". I never even heard of any "Scientist, doctors and media commenters" saying that in my neck of the woods (Germany). Maybe it is different in other countries.

    The (positive) things I heard is that masturbation is harmless -which imo is true, as long as it is without excessive porn use.

    The people advising against it usually had a hidden agenda for saying so, based on their sets of morals they want to impose on other people.

    I see no evidence for a "conspiracy" at all. It is just like cigarettes, alcohol and other addictive substances/behaviors: New information becomes available (in our case: dead dick from porn and the effects of desensitization), which needs to be made known to the public. So that in the future, no one can say "they didn't know", just as today pretty much everyone can be aware that smoking increases your risk to die earlier.

    A conspiracy would require this knowledge to be known for a long time and be deliberately hidden. I doubt that happened, even though the idea to let the masses fap themselves dumber and therefore more easily controllable is nice and may be introduced in the future. LOL
  15. Cozmo

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  16. leannfit

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    I have heard ejaculating several times a week is good for the prostate, ie studies that say men who ejaculate several times a week are less likely to get cancer.
    I've also heard that keeping your BMI below 25 is going to reduce your cancer/less heart disease/less mortality.

    who told you looking at porn was good for you?
    I've never heard of a such thing.

    I have heard that masturbating will make you go blind.
    never heard someone tell me its good to masturbate, EXCEPT it I can't fall asleep.
    Ive never heard someone tell me its healthy to look at porn.
    Im very curious where you heard this?
  17. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    If a teen is reading this and thinks I won't study a useless degree because of an anonymous internet post; that teen doesnt know what they want
  18. lookingahead

    lookingahead To restore my inmost being. Staff Member

    Porn and masturbation are still thought of as healthy activities by some people because there is still outdated, left over thought from the pre-Internet world when porn was much harder to come by, as opposed to being unavoidable and intrusive in the 21st century. In the pre-Internet porn era, porn was rare enough for it to be viewed as an exotic treatment for sexual disfunction. But now that porn has exploded exponentially, infecting young minds like toxic waste, it has far exceeded whatever healthy scope it was once used for.

    The comparison I like to make is the opium trade in China. Opium was used in China for centuries as a form of ancient medicine. But by the 17 and 1800's, Great Britain had combined opium with tobacco in order to create a highly addictive concoction. They brought this new form of opium to China, addicting the Chinese public (even though the substance was banned in Great Britain, ironically). There were even battles fought between the British and those Chinese who were against the opium trade. In summary, those who are still saying that PMO is healthy are just as outdated and uninformed as those who believed that the modified opium was the same as natural opium.
  19. leannfit

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    who says this?
    where do you see this and
    how did you reach this conclusion?
  20. Ocguy

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    Eastern civilizations have been saying excessive masturbation weakens the body/mind / spirit. .They've been saying this for 2000 years.
    For every anecdotal report on the virtues of masturbation there is another one contradicting, it's been like that for ever on just about any subject matter. I think it's all what we want to believe in order to rationalize or justify our behavior.

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