Why there are lots of erotic contents on the Twitter,Google,Youtube?

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Is erotic contents on Twitter,google,youtube harmful to the most people?

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  1. FollowMe2022

    FollowMe2022 New Member

    1)why Twitter com,google.COM,youtube.com, 3 very influential websites, don't restrict these mass of erotic contents?
    2)The US government doesn't manage these operators of the websites?
    3) Don't they think these contents are very harmful to most people?
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  2. FollowMe2022

    FollowMe2022 New Member

  3. Donnyy

    Donnyy New Member

    These sites bring a lot of money to their owners and advertisers and content creators. And they post what is in demand for most people - it's sex. There is a lot of content about coffee, meat and stuff, and there are people who are not allowed to, and they may also be unhappy. We always try to notice what we want to see. But on YouTube there is also a lot of educational content about hobbies (drones and something like it, rc, embroidery, music, cooking), scientific lectures, audio books and more. In order to have more useful content in the feed, you need to work hard and look for and consume only it
  4. No_Fapper

    No_Fapper New Member

    The government profits from porn because of the business aspect, as listed above, but also due to the vast amounts of people addicted to it, and we already know what it can do to a man. People in the porn addiction situation are docile and won't fight back against policy changes. We live in a divide and conquer society (USA), meaning we have 2 parties that are both controlled by the same organization. We are duped into believing in the left and the right, when in reality, the people's opinions do not matter.
  5. ssllmmee

    ssllmmee Member

    I'm going against the tide, and vote no.

    I don't think P is evil. It's not more destructive that alcohol or gambling for example. You simply have people who are more susceptible to get addicted to it than others. We are unfortunate to be part of that small group who got addicted to P. But I wouldn't ban it for the millions who can watch it responsibly. Just like I wouldn't agree with alcohol being banned because a group of people have an addiction to it.

    I will not refer to P as evil just to make my battle easy... Like we are the good guys, and P is the enemy. This is my addiction, my problem, I'll not blame the other side for my mistakes. I deal with it, and don't ruin it for everyone else who can enjoy it responsibly.

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