Why is it so darn difficult!!?

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by RuinedMyLife, Feb 5, 2021.

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here and signed up today for this forum. I've read a few posts already and we all have the same stuff that haunts us. I'd like to discuss how and why it's so difficult to stop the thoughts from entering my mind. The constant barrage of internet pornography and masturbation never seem to end. I've lost so much already and made some progress in my personal life but, the thoughts don't go away. The longer I stay away from it the stronger the thoughts are. Yesterday was hard, I went ALL DAY with the thoughts of porn entering my mind. I didn't give in but my goodness, it's powerful. Today just continued and I failed on both fronts, P and M. I went to look up some and as soon as I did, I told myself "what the F are you doing?" and stopped. Still, its so frustrating. I saw the counter and added it to my profile to reflect my progress and I hope it makes me more accountable. What are some things do you do to stop these thoughts?
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    welcome. if you got a problem with PMO, you're in the right place. at the beginning it is impossible to stop these thoughts. they are ingrained in our memory. they are habits. they are coping mechanisms. they are escape from facing life on life's terms. it is not the thoughts, it's what you do with the thoughts. some people say they can't control themselves once these thoughts/urges/craves enter the mind. that they have no willpower. I have thought to kill my boss many times but have not done it. so I am in control of what I do with my thought. it is simple but not easy. I am 66 years old and still struggle on a daily basis. some days I fall, but I try to fall forward. hang in there. again welcome, praying for you.
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    Thank you Badger,
    It does get easier with time and I know I will defeat this lustful sin that lurks in my mind. Thanks for the advice of " it's what we do with the thoughts". I'll have to remember that. I've started exercising again, go out on the trails in my Jeep and just get outside. It's when I'm alone is when it's the hardest.

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