Why dont we go to the doctor ?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by cesttlavie, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. cesttlavie

    cesttlavie New Member

    Today i'm going to the hospital with a lot of test about glucose, testoterone, i'm just suffer the fu*cking situation for a week . I can't stand it anymore and tired of reading alot of negative thinking . I'm strongly suggest that we should go to the doctor .
  2. Bounce

    Bounce New Member

    Been there. All physical tests came out good. He referred me to a shrink, who would not stop talking to me about anxiety and treating me like a goddamn lunatic.

    I'd obviously recommend everyone do the same to ensure nothing else is at play, but seriously, fuck that shit.
  3. thetimeisnow2015

    thetimeisnow2015 New Member

    I'm sure most here who have had serious issues have checked out medical causes......
  4. irvin

    irvin Member

    I actually was checked by a number of urologists, cardiologist, and some more, and all tests came great, blood, testosterone, everything that could be checked god checked and the results were really good. They all suggested me going to a psychiatrist saying it's due to performance anxiety, but now way I went to a shrink. Doctors have NO IDEA this thing actually exists and it's pissing me off.
  5. RKHorror

    RKHorror New Member

    I went to several doctors and got all sorts of tests done and so far everything is fine. The only test we haven't done is an ultrasound which we might eventually do but all my doctors agree that I'm a perfectly healthy 24 year old male and I can run 13 miles without stopping no problem so heart disease is extremely unlikely. Luckily my urologist is aware of PIED and shares my opinion that porn is the problem. He suggested ED meds to maintain penile tissue health and sex drive and to rewire with my partner and abstain from PMO and MO.
  6. Bounce

    Bounce New Member

    I am very interested into this. Can you or anyone else expand upon that, please?
  7. RKHorror

    RKHorror New Member

    Basically the idea is to continue to have blood flow through the penis. It's part of the same protocol they give to patients who have had a prostectomy. This can also be achieved with the use of a vacuum erection device and probably through kegels and reverse kegels as well. I don't know how important this is for someone with PIED vs vascular forms of ED but it's what my doctor recommended and it seems to be helping. Taking them at a low dose over a period of time also helps to establish a baseline level of nitric oxide to help make erections stronger but that can also be achieved through diet and exercise which I recommend strongly.
  8. Fencepost

    Fencepost Member

    Some of you may find this thread interesting: http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/what-experts-tell-guys-suffering-from-ed
  9. cesttlavie

    cesttlavie New Member

    Hey guys ,im just 1 week from ED no PMO , no MO . yesterday i received my result , everything is ok . Doctor gave me the dietary supplement . And i also had sex with my gf , i see my gf naked but i dont have any feelings , just when we kissing , touching , and then i have 100% erection . When i take my penis into her pussy , omg ... just 1 minutes . F*ckkk ... I lasted it at least 5 minutes for the frist time and then just 5 minutes later she blowjob for me and then im ready for the second time about 20 -30 minutes . But last night , it's so awful , just 1 minutes and then no matter how hard she try to blow for me i cant have any erection . im so sad :( , that is the first time i have sex after suffering ED . I also dont have libido when i see my gf or any one else , just touching , kissing and then i will have . Is it call Flatline ?
  10. Bounce

    Bounce New Member

    Alright thanks. I guess I am going to be fine then. Just wanted to make sure my dick won't fall off from not using it lol...

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