Why doesn't this section get more traffic?

Discussion in 'Gaming Addiction' started by YourBrainRebalanced, Dec 9, 2018.

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    Gaming addiction is a huge emerging issue. Wonder why people aren't flooding into here.
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    Perhaps people are unwilling to accept or face the fact that they are addicted to gaming. Gaming is a big hobby for some people so it's hard to recognize the difference between that and an addiction.

    That said, the issue is a bit more complicated because it's simply untrue to say that all gaming is bad (which isn't true for porn). There are certain games that are far more addicting than others; typically the online shooters and RPGs are highly problematic, wheras there are other games which have limited/linear single player playability and that are story-driven, rich experiences. The latter of which does very limited harm and can be an intelligent form of interactive art and storytelling. So it's a complex issue.

    Personally I typically can't tolerate gaming more than a few hours in a given day or ~10-15 hrs in a given week so I don't find myself too at risk. If I find myself playing too much (15+ hrs a week or simply playing games as an escapist/distraction behavior) I am able to cut back without much difficulty.
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