Who Would You Want To Be?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ted93704, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Alright, the American Pie series..all the way to the end. Who would you rather be?

    Steven Stifler: Cool guy in high school, gets laid a lot, even more so in college..always throwing parties..kind of a dick but deep down a little insecure but always looking buff.

    Jim: Nerdy guy, rarely gets women though when he does get women he gets the hotties..but he ends up marrying an average redhead with an abnormally high sex drive.

    Finch: The weirdest of all the characters...uses some unorthodox methods to get women..including hiring a girl to spread rumors about him that he's great in bed etc....he even takes up Tantra in an attempt to look like a sex god.

    Kevin: Gets the hot blonde in high school but only nails her one time. Doesn't get laid much in college but ends up dating and marrying a good looking chick and he ends up a stay at home mom.

    I left out a lot of details about all the characters lives but think back to watching all the episodes of this great show. Who had it best and why? What can we learn from this show?
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    I saw American Reunion on cable a few weeks ago and was struck by how pathetic every guy in it was. It's glorified femdom: losers debasing themselves in hopes of being rewarded by cooler, morally superior women. Eugene Levy's character was the most respectable one in the bunch. Amazes me that the first one was such a hit.
  3. Bad choice of a movie series to use. As much as I love the American Pie films, from where everyone ends up by the end I can't say I could envy any of those guys. I guess I would say Finch since he gets with Dania Ramirez in the end. Otherwise it would be Jim if he actually fucked the 18 year old.
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    I have despised these movies since i was a child.

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