where to work and live decision help plz

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    Hello. Need help with a decision ... By the grace of God I have a degree in Spanish, then in my late twenties I went to school to become a registered nurse, so I am a nurse.

    this decision is stressing me out ... I could probably work as a nurse in very south texas, laredo or brownsville and improve my spanish or

    or i could probably work in anchorage alaska where i might be able to save more resources for a house because of probable overtime possibilities. however, few or no spanish use on the job in alaska.

    i have told people in the past, just because a person has a degree in something, doesn't mean you are great at it. for example, a person may have a degree in engineering, that doesn't mean the person is a top notch engineer, it just means the person met the requirements to get the degree. As I have a degree in Spanish, that doesn't mean i am top notch in Spanish.

    I am never married, no kids

    any thoughts, ideas or impressions are appreciated.
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    very south texas, laredo or brownsville and improve my spanish having a second language is verry strong at youre resumé
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    I recently moved to New Zealand. I really like Auckland, but it's not the cheapest city to live in. Also, people who plan to move here should think in advance about where they plan to live. I rent an apartment without furniture, because it’s cheaper, and I also love my furniture, so I think this is a good solution. I recently moved to a new place, now my apartment is closer to work and the rent isn't as high as in the previous place, but I had to survive another move despite the fact that I’ve been here only two months. I was able to quickly find all the necessary services for my relocation, for example, using the wisemove website I was able to get a quote for furniture movers in Auckland and move to a new place faster, but it’s a very responsible step and I know how difficult it's when you are alone in a stranger the city. So I advise you to think about it several times so that you don’t regret your decision later.
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