Where am I at in my recovery?

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    hi guys,
    I’m a 34yo single, and gay. Been watching porn since I was 12. Lost my virginity at 16. Never really had any problems until recently.

    Noticed I was having some problems getting hard about 2 years ago watching porn. I was single at the time and watching porn and jacking off twice a day, I ended up in a relationship in January 2018. Doctor gave me cialis which worked great for about 6 months but slowly stopped working. I didn’t know at the time it was from watching too much porn.

    I have been reading this forum for over a year. Last year I made several attempts to reboot but never made it more than a few days before giving in. January 11th of this year I started this reboot and so far I haven’t had one relapse and I’m 6 months in today

    I went 30 days no orgasm, then once per week with my partner using 25mg of viagra given to me by my doctor, which worked great again after I gave up the porn but I still had trouble orgasming from sex and sometimes I wouldn’t finish. By April my morning wood had returned although not always fully hard and I thought things were going good And We attempted sex without the viagra but I couldnt get an erection.

    My MW continues to improve and is sometimes so hard I can walk around with it so I know I don’t have any type of physical problem but I still can’t get hard for sex and I’m 6 months into this.

    Only once during this entire reboot did I actually get an erection on my own, I’m single again btw, I was in a bar and a guy that was hitting on me put his hand my leg and started making out with me, I had an uncontrollable erection at the bar but couldn’t get it up later for sex so I don’t even understand.

    I’m so much better than I was 6 months ago and I no longer have delayed ejaculation when I have sex and I wake up with wood a few times a week but I really want to be able to ditch the meds for good. Is this ever gonna end?
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    For me I can get hard if my wife teases me or flirts or talks about sex. We can make out a little bit in the house and later when we try to get it on I get fight or flight syndrome and sometimes I can't get it to work. It's like the hormones go all over the place except for where they need to go. Last night I woke up at 2 am and started thinking about sex (I was extremely horny all day). I got a pretty good hard on for about 20 minutes just laying there. I don't get it either

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