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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by TryGuy65, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. badger

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    i had "slipped" and slipped away from this site due to shame of not being successful. but i remembered how many times i "slipped" while drinking after i had quit-hundreds. so here i am. like the badger still fighting till death. today is almost done and another successful one. any day without porn is a success.
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  2. TryGuy65

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    Me too! Walking is awesome.... Especially for old fucks.

    Wash-rinse-repeat:rolleyes:... Not sure I quit drinking 'hundreds' of times before I pulled up my big girl panties and just quit, but it was in the dozens for sure. This is just different... Waaaaay different... But true, a day without porn is a success.
    Here's to another successful day. Fuck porn.
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  3. TryGuy65, Badger and Saville this is great and inspiring set of exchanges. Im someone who had been on a good streak and then fucked up really badly - yesterday was my first properly porn free day in over a week. Badger I love the sentiment "still fighting till death. today is almost done and another successful one. any day without porn is a success". I so totally agree as someone with only one day and facing major challenges just getting through another one. TryGuy as you say Fuck Porn!
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  4. TryGuy65

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    As knee issues push the likelihood of ever participating in triathlon again into the 'not-likely' status, I've changed a few things. Signature line now reflects 'try' instead of 'tri' and as I'm chasing down 65, I'm reflecting that also... (fuck)
    Also changed my av. I'm not sure I'll keep it, but for now it seems appropriate. "Whether you 'think you can' or 'think you can't' - you're right". Thanks Henry...

    My mantra since 2008 has been tri-till-I-die... That never was meant to mean I would be participating in triathlons until I passed, (although that would be awesome) it is more of never stopping living my life to the fullest... Being active... Trying new things and adventures... What's the alternative? Porn is defeatist.

    Now I need to go for a walk and stop by the fitness center for a quick lift... Because that's the way I roll now. (and in a couple of hours it will be 110:eek:)
    Fuck porn
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  5. Saville

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    A 110! :eek:, indeed!

    As an old fucker myself it can be hard realizing that the body needs to be cared for. But, as you say, it doesn't stop us from being active and pursuing interesting things. I've shed 20lbs over the past five months and am hoping this will take the pressure off my beleaguered knees.

    It's interesting that we have a few guys in their 60's here, but no one in their 70's. Perhaps at that age we finally have no libido left.

    Good to have you back and posting.
  6. Going back a few posts my jaw dropped in amazment when I was reading about your triathlons (bummer about the issues caused by your knee). Pre-pandemic I used to swim quite alot and from that knew a couple of people in the local tri-club. That is one seriously tough sport and to be doing when you are not ...err a spring chicken is f...ing amazing!
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  7. TryGuy65

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    It's a 'dry-heat'..... Thanks for the visit Mr. Sunshine:rolleyes:,,, Good thing I'm only 46! At least that's the way I read it:cool:

    No issues on the porn front. But let's give it some time. After all it's only 5:30am... Fuck porn
  8. TryGuy65

    TryGuy65 Member

    Decided to throw up a counter. Maybe it will help motivate me a bit to continue on a porn free path. And I don't have to calculate dates!... Math was never a strong suit:rolleyes:

    A bit sluggish today. Bit of brain fog. But I'm also taking a tolerance break from cannabis... I knew legal weed would fuck with me too... Fuck, it sucks being a junkie...
    But given the choice - it's fuck porn.
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  9. TryGuy65

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    My head feels three times it's normal size. I would usually blame it on my caffeine consumption, but doubt that's the issue today. However, I'm sitting here drinking some coffee just to be sure... I was just watching some stupid movie with Andie MacDowell (ready or not) and instantly found myself searching images of her. I've always had a thing for her... Course I had to add in 'topless'... Score!!!

    This is how it always starts with me. Not usually a big fuck-it moment where I start out searching for donkey sex, but just spend a few days triggering-up the pleasure pathways... YouTube shit and such. (Andie topless:eek:)

    HALT - hungry-angry-lonely & tired... An acronym I first learned in my quit-drinking journey... I'm not hungry, angry, or feeling exceptionally lonely, but I am tired as fuck. Chances are pretty good I'll have a couple more nights of restless sleep before a good one comes my way. That's just the process... Then the dreams will start... Vivid dreams... I kinda like the vivid dreams. I know many people don't.... Cannabis is known to suppress our dream state.... So I got the double whammy of withdrawing from two addictions at once. Yay Tommy...

    But I switched from Andie to this site rather rapidly... It's worked. Think I'm safe for the rest of the day... Guess there's not much substitution for porn. At least now I can now handle a nice cold NA beer on a hot day without being triggered to down an entire 6pack in 20 minutes... Porn will never allow me a quick view of Andie's tits without stirring up some 'feelings'... On a side note - She is well put together, attractive, and is aging well... If anyone happens to know her, please pass along I said so...

    FUCK porn...
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