When You Pump Iron The Girls Approach You!

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ted93704, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    So, I've been hitting the weights for the last 4 months or so and I"ve made some nice gains. I can finally bench press 365 and you can certainly tell because my musles look pretty good in my chest and arms, and my lats. I got a good V shape taper. So, I was at the bookstore the other day. I got behind these two girls and one of them was going on and on about how good my arms looked. She asked if she could feel my muscles. We chit chatted a bit and she said she was sorry for being so forward but she really has a thing for muscles. I told her to write down her phone number and that I'd call her. She said "why dont you come talk to me in my car"..LOL....we made out for half an hour and fooled around in her nice ass car upon meeting for 10 minutes..I"m probably gonna get the bang too once I can get her alone.
  2. Desentisizer

    Desentisizer Anesthetizer

    I guess it's gym time again :D
  3. kopp

    kopp Member

    wow, nice :)
  4. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I haven't come across this yet.
  5. kopp

    kopp Member

    Do you go at the bookstore? :p
  6. leoo

    leoo New Member

    I do believe i will be going to the gym for the first time after work today. 8)
  7. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    getting that pump is where its at guys. Pump up those muscles
  8. rebooting

    rebooting Member

    The most important thing is to know how to talk to girls. If you are ripped, but awkward, girls will think you're joke. Shyness isn't bad, but awkward social behavior really kills attraction.
  9. Iamahumanbeing

    Iamahumanbeing New Member

    I've only been at the gym for 4 weeks, and women are already noticing me a lot more. You are right (and also probably a little jealous) that it's only one part of the ewuation, but it's a big boost to confidence and ability to both approach women and to also make new friends.
  10. Striveforpurity

    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    No one cares ted. Seriously get over yourself.
  11. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    its really good boost to my confidence to have them oogling me
  12. iamgreat

    iamgreat New Member

    I can attest to this. I used to workout 4-5 days a week and would always have girls touch my chest or arms when i was out at bars. I fell into a depression and had stopped working out for 5 months and lost alot of my strength and gains. I'm 2 months back at the gym and my strength is coming back and already have had girls approach me more when im out at the bars. :D
  13. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    I love a girl touching my chest and she breaks into a grin at the rock solid chest
    keep hitting the weights
  14. thestoic

    thestoic New Member

    I've been in shape my whole life.

    Currently sitting at 185lbs @ 5'11.5'', sub 10 percent bodyfat

    I've never been approached

    that feel
  15. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    well, I'm 6'2..that helps too..if you are short and buff they kinda cancel each other out
  16. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    yeah being tall helps a lot,
    I work in a place with a lot of uneduated people work. and it's not hard to get a job where I am, i have this job for other reasons than a paycheck
    but I see tall guys there and I wonder what's wrong with them?
    they are lucky enough to be tall, so why couldnt they do more with their lives?
  17. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    yeah I have a friend 8% bf year round, he's written a few books about training, really a big success,,,
    has a hard time with females
    and its because of his personality
    ie no sense of humor is the biggest issue he has I think.,,,,
    he has a problem with small talk

    you arent going to have a gal come up and touch you,
    you gotta engage her and get her laughing.
  18. yoda428

    yoda428 New Member

    Huh? Is this thread for real? Am I at the wrong place?
  19. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    if you take 100 fat guys, 100 buff guys, and 100 skinny guys..the fat guys will do the worse out of all of them..all things being equal
    things are never equal though..the guy who approaches more will get more! simple math
  20. fathomer

    fathomer New Member


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