When Can I Have Sex Again?

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  1. I’ve had PIED for at least 15 years. I recently got serious about nofap and have just made it to 90 days. I’ve never flatlined this whole time. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using psychedelics to get to this point (they’ve really worked) and somehow they’ve prevented whatever neurological process leads to flatlining or made it unnecessary. Either way, I haven’t had any ‘gray’ period at all in this so far and I doubt I will.

    Now I’m getting opportunities to get with girls and I’m wondering if I’m ready down there. It’s been limp for so long, is three months of nofap long enough for it to reboot?
  2. Pete McVries

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    I had PIED for 12 years and ~100 days were enough to have successful sex. Try it out for yourself, try to be as relaxed as possible (easier said than done...) and see what happens. And don't get disheartened if it doesn't work perfectly right away.

    Take care!
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  3. Good to know! Any problems with premature ejaculation? Been doing kegels for the last month or so just in case.
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    No, no PE in the traditional sense. Of course, I came early the first time I had sex because I was so starved of having orgasms and my sensitivity was through the roof. But no PE as in having an orgasm while undressing or kissing or so.

    After that it took me between 2-15 minutes to have an orgasm depending on the circumstances ;). I'd consider it normal.
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