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  1. Nloe

    Nloe New Member

    Hey everybody,

    Been doing a lot of research on this whole addictions thing, not just PMO and they all say, you can't do it alone. Somebody below me suggested they would make a what'sApp, but from my understanding it has not happand yet. If there is enough interest, I will make one.

    Private message me your number if you want in. please DO NOT send your name or ANY other personal information. This is the internet, I think we should all be safe.

    I think this would be good for emergencies especially. GUYS HELP IM ABOUT TO PMO. then we can all help eachother.
  2. ItsPossible

    ItsPossible Active Member

    I like this idea but rather use something else that's more anonymous, some people might not feel comfortable giving out their cell #.

    I did a little research and found these apps. There might be more that's better?

    on a quick view, the one that looks the best to me is "Recovery Chat - Anonymous Alcoholics & Addiction" - no registration required but you do have to create an account.

    what you think?
  3. Nloe

    Nloe New Member

    I like the sound of this. I'll look into over the weekend.
  4. Htwarrior

    Htwarrior Member

    just wondering has any further action on this idea been taken? I would be interested in joining up...I'd prefer the recovery app rather than whatsapp.

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