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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by MGK, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. MGK

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    Hello, guys!
    Some of you might know the topic in the other nofap forum , well i am creating another one in this forum.

    Looking for 4 people to join our WhatsApp group.
    Why WhatsApp?
    - Its fast messaging so if you have an urge type in the chat and we will motive you
    - You take your mind off PMO since we talk about random stuff.
    - You have more people to talk to and be social
    If more people are interested, more groups will be made.
    I will try to
    - Post daily motivation image & quote
    - Give special tips
    - Offer advice on any topic

    Its not about having one AP, its about having more people to look out for each other and keep track.
    So far i know about only 1 relapse which was MO a while ago so we are going with full power.

    Send me a message with your phone # if you are interested, or reply here and I will contact you.
  2. limitlessDK

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    I wanna join!

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