whats the longest you ever went?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by UsernameTaken, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    im sure its been done before but what is your longest streak? mine was 65 days, longest before that was one month. i feel like i am getting better each time. hope to reach at least 90 days or more
  2. Aussie

    Aussie Guest

    Longest streak was 94 days no orgasm.Runners up were 14 days and 12.

    (Will be waiting for UD & or Al to reply telling me to forget about the 94 day run )

  3. Striveforpurity

    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I know it's sad but the most for me has been 7 days since joining this site on September 30th and I've managed to reach that twice.
  4. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    your are almost there bro. u can do it
  5. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    38 days. My second best is not even half, 17 days
  6. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    About 12 years. I still became an addict though.
  7. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    21 days. But I bet when I was younger and didn't have the access to porn it was much longer
  8. joelski

    joelski New Member

    My current streak which has been 49 days. Before that it was about 21 days.

    I'm hoping this is my last attempt at quitting.
  9. MysteriouS

    MysteriouS New Member

    15 days and going for more :D....
  10. Reboot79

    Reboot79 New Member

    59 days by now. First try and I guess I will never need to watch porn again as it wasn't too difficult. Not MOing to fantasies is much, much more difficult for me.

    Sadly, nothing has changed in my life, yet. Everything feels still the same. I wonder if I really was a porn addict, despite PMOing since the age of 13 close to every day...
  11. miracle

    miracle Guest

    About 50 days or so. I've had two other spells of about a month.

    Then I went out drinking heavily and before I knew it I was hungover Fapping away.

    Never got close to that again.

    This time I am working on life improvement.
  12. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    93 no PMO, 32 no O.
  13. Winnerbeater

    Winnerbeater Member

    68 days this past summer. Just shy of breaking it in about 4 days :) Will do it no doubt. Will also keep going I know porn is dead for me.
  14. syndaren

    syndaren New Member

    94 no PMO, however I was having sex regularly with my gf.
  15. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    Almost 55 days. A couple of thirties and a lot of twenties. Now i am going to procrastinate until 50 :).
  16. djthiago1

    djthiago1 Member

    86 no P, 13 days no MO.
  17. TheCure

    TheCure Guest

    156 no PMO
  18. soowt

    soowt Member

    No P? A month, which happened 10 years ago.

    No PMO? Two weeks, which happened last year.
  19. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    impressive. any life changes? how old are you if you dont mind me asking
  20. This is my one and only streak. It's been for 103 days now :D

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