What wroked for me. My thoughts on 'the habit'

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    At about 60 years old and after a marriage of 30 years which had several consecutive years of estrangement, we are now in love and happy... I still wank to porn compulsively - but not nearly as much... and we are having nice loving sex. i take generic boner pills... I find at my age (but of course we are all different) that for good boners and sex I need rest and a day's absitnence (or two) sometimes ...more days off can be good but it also llows the boner function to recede or almost flatline or be slower to get things going.. it also depends on how the 2 of u are with lovemaking... my wife likes quickies , whereas others may like long slow lovemaking which gives us lots of warm up time. So for me with a bit of tadalafil i'm ready when she is and don't go soft too quickly.. ( I could let her know but haven't - main thing she has to know is I love her and love sex with her.... Also big was not worrying and feeling bad about myself... We are human have innate urges which lead us into all sorts of habits.. Cutting out porn or cutting way back and having other goals and fostering a beautiful relationship is what matters and we do it one smile at a time and lingering hug at a time. the brainrebalancing theory is a good one as it is based on the habit forming pathways . but to think that it is a very distinct thing which is the same for every human male isridiculous. Its not like PIED MRI's show anything that is sweeping evidence.. Just be happy. I read way too much self evaluating and low esteem and a lot of anxiety.. You are good men with passion and good intentions - that's why you are here. so really really really foster love with all people in your life especially ur love partner. and if you and they are estranged.. show love at EVERY turn. life is a beautiful effort.

    This may be my last thread for a while.. and maybe I'll copy as a new thread before I go... I don't want to think and evaluate myself constantly any more. I had a counter, which i'm not going to bother with so don't believe it if iy says no pMO for 500 years.. I had sex with my wife today and I think Iwanked to porn a few days ago.. Good to cut porn out - or back in most cases sure, but we are all different so all have different tricks to life which work. Be happy outwardly loving and find YOUR joy in life.
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