What to Replace Internet Usage With?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Anon_Fapper, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Anon_Fapper

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    So I need some amount of internet use for work and school things. But that amount is limited. Even adding in a list of sites I'd like to check daily, my total time online shouldn't exceed an hour: it's more unnecessary forum usage (not YBR, but others) that can eat up 5-6 hours on end. I don't game and haven't gamed regularly for 5 or 6 years now.

    I can still make it to the gym pretty regularly, make my classes, and get food at a reasonable time. I also go out 2-3 nights a week. The main problem is that outside of these activities, and a small amount of schoolwork (grad school), I do nothing but cruise websites and forums all day. Occasionally I'll look for deals on things or clothes to buy, but never actually do buy them. Online chatting is probably the third part of the trifecta in terms of how I spend my time online.

    In an effort to make my life more interesting (and, by extension, myself) I've decided, like many of you, to cut back pretty heavily on internet use. The 1 hour a day, plus whatever is necessary for school, seems to be a pretty solid and theoretically attainable rule. My bigger q: What do I spend my time on? I could bump up the amount of time I spend at the gym. Could also bring an eReader or old-fashioned book along and eat out at places instead of bringing everything back home. These are some improvements but don't really satisfy the 8 or 9 hours I have to fill on some days. I suppose instead of looking for things I might need to buy online I could go to the actual stores as well. Already joining a team in an adult sports league.

    As I learned with quitting P, aimlessly quitting with no goal or replacement usually doesn't work out. I really need a "healthy" addiction to replace internet overuse. I feel like internet overuse really sets back my real-life social life in two ways. First, as mentioned above, internet overuse, while informative, can be pretty boring and doesn't really represent a proper "interest" or "hobby" to talk about to people in real life. Second, (and this wasn't even true with gaming), it's turned me into some sort of always-in-writing mode where I'm simply not as witty or quick as I used to be in IRL conversations because I'm used to the relative lack of humor on most sites and the ability to take my time in writing responses or crafting something clever.

    Anyway, long post, but any general or specific advice welcome here.
  2. 19anon99

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    Thanks for posting this. I am 9 days into PMO and feeling a lot of the same things. I spend far too much time just cruising the internet which is probably looking for trouble.
  3. Pluto

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    get a student job.
  4. Hello Penis My Old Friend

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    Yeah the internet is a huge time sink. I'm going to experiment today with turning off my PC as soon as I've finished work (I'm self-employed and work at home). I'll train, then I'll probably cook and read until it's time to go to bed.

    I turned off my PC earlier than usual last night too - I'm normally on right until I go to bed - and I had a really restful night's sleep. I'll see if I feel the same tomorrow morning.
  5. nowsthetime

    nowsthetime Do Your Best, Then Do it Again.

    READ a book. There is so many incredible books out there from modern to classics and the benefits of reading books are many, including focus and clarity.

    Some people think, well I am not a reader....like anything else it's a habit you develop, and also, be sure to pick up books amd stories that you like, that you can getinto, versus the stuff they forced on you in school.

    I also suggest you read a real book...something that's NOT connected to the internet, like a kindle or ipad.

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