what to do if you get a girls number?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by pieterarons15, May 23, 2017.

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    hey ,

    i am a guy who can get a girls number pretty quickly however i allways blew it when i try to ask her out on a date.

    Most of the time i just call her but most of the time she doesn't pick up so i send her a text with "i called you for arranging a date why don't you call me back" Or leave a voicemail.

    Or i send her a text with my name in it and saying i want to go out with her.
    How do you guys do it text first and then call? or only text? or call her directly?

    I don't beat around the bush i either call her or text her to ask her out no how are you doing.

    however when i text a message to ask her out she ignores and when i call she doesn't pick up and i usally send a text message that i wanted to arange a date
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    Maybe you're missing something, or maybe you're doing everything pretty much right... but the girls aren't right. Always be getting more numbers!

    Doc Love says: wait 5-9 days then call.

    I think voicemail is an awful system. Does anyone enjoy using it? Do you? I avoid it as much as possible.

    What counts is getting to the face-to-face date. And avoid letting texting exhaust the conversation and energy between you two...

    In what way do you blow asking her out? Make sure when you ask you have a place and time, and it's not too much at short notice. Maybe I'm missing something crucial but that seems to cover the essentials.
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    I usually just call her and if i don't get her on the phone i send her a text message that i want to arrange a date and she wants to call me back".

    However i sometimes ask her out by texting.

    i usally don't beat around the bush if i send a text or call her to arrange a date not just saying hi how are you? or starting small talk.

    maybe thats the problem maybe i am to direct

    I aks girls out for a drink the first time not something big just a litttle drink.

    So how do you do it? do you ask her out through text or do you call and do you do it after you meet her? I have a feeling a lot of girls ignore me when i am straight to the point through text and when i call and leave them a text message that i want to go out with herthey don't call back
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    It doesn't feel quite right for me to share my personal experience as advice. Because it's not exactly working out great for me. But, with that disclaimer, I am happy to share!

    I am also very happy to point you towards my mentors and teachers. 1. Doc Love. 2. Richard Fletcher.

    Here's what I tend to do:

    Match with a lady on Tinder. Greet her, get a response. Brief exchange of 2-3 messages. Then tell her I'd like to meet and ask for her number. If she doesn't want to, unmatch. Then concentrate on setting up that first date. Don't be persistent if there's no response.

    What I should be doing: avoid texting from the start. Ask for her number to CALL it. If we can set up the date over Tinder, without getting her number, excellent. Then I can ask her at the end of the date. Good way to gauge her interest level.

    What I really should be doing: meeting girls out in real life...

    I am currently meeting and texting with this one girl way too often. But it's thus far at a mere friendship level. But we met on Tinder so we have, I guess, an unspoken understanding of a potential for more. But evidence suggests there's no future for us. So I'm not eager to push it, but yes, we can also blame my own lack of courage. If I was faithfully following Doc Love's system I'd have just stayed away after the first date. Cause she's going to move to another country soon. And students of Doc Love don't do long-distance relationships.
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    I am talking about girls you see on the street or meet somewhere else(bar) and you start a conversation and get her phone number

    Real life seducing . Whats the next step it seems a lot of girls just don't answer me after i asked them out through phone and i leave a message through text or voicemail to call me back.
    or i sometimes send a text asking her out.

    Am i to direct because i don't beat around the bush

    maybe i should just text them and flirt with them through text because it doesn't work.

    my 2 dates i got from grils was through text i usally just text hey how are you? and start a little conversation.
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    It makes sense to be direct, I think. Maybe pick more interesting date ideas? If they're not interested in actually meeting, delete the number.
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    Maybe they just don't like me. In my opinion its better to call texting is for pussies and beta males who don't have the guts to call.
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    Yes. And it's good to hear the girl's tone of voice to get her enthusiasm level.

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