What should I do to become strong from extremely weak?

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Mickeymouse, Feb 23, 2020.

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    Guys I need help. This Pmo shit had wrecked my sleep. My body is tired as hell. Almost my every joint makes noise. Some ' kit kit ' sound always comes from it. My general health is so bad .My hands have become skinny. From my face I look aged. How can I improve my health?

    As of now despite of being quite regular on brisk walks I still get heart palpitations with slight physical activity and get so tired. My sleep is poor. Even if I sleep I don't feel like I even slept. My chest pains when I wake up.
  2. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Guys please help me out.
  3. hogus

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    Sounds like you have some serious anxiety in addition to PMO. See a therapist alongside your reboot is my advice.
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    Following what hogus has said,

    My first points of call are: diet, sleep, meditation. You sound horribly sleep deprived and probably quite malnourished.

    Sleep: Do yourself a massive favour and pick up the book "Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker. If you don't have the energy/focus to read check out some of his videos on YouTube, you'll get a good enough idea from that on how to start fixing your sleep.

    Diet: Most important is protein and micronutrients. Muscle mass is a great determinant of health and longevity. Dietary requirements to build/maintain muscle are 25+ grams of protein per sitting, ideally 3-4x per day spaced out (Dr Gabrielle Lyon). You need sufficient leucine to stimulate protein synthesis and leucine mostly comes from animal sources. If you don't have an appetite but some whey isolate. Get your vegges/fruit and fibre in also. Supplements should only really be used temporarily to bring insufficient levels back to baseline. One of the best diet choices I ever made was removal of gluten and adding more veg

    Meditation: Get yourself the headspace app.

    Socialize more if you can

    Maybe allow yourself to PMO 1x per week (ASAP quick session). It can be very hard and much extra stress forcing yourself to quit while dealing with other health issues

    Would be a good idea to see a Doctor also
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    yes i feel i am. its not that i dont want to sleep but sleep doesnt come naturally to me. i take benzo to fall asleep. can i recondition myself to fall asleep on my own again?
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    how can i avoid this?
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