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  1. I have a life. I HAVE A LIFE!! That is the one thing that has really stuck out of this whole reboot is that you have to be vulnerable. As hard as it is, what makes life worthwhile is being open, not fearing judgement, by putting your true self out there and by doing that being guided to a place you fit in. It is VERY hard to do, and requires great diligence, but man I'm telling all you guys stuck around 12-40 days and can't break it, dam if if you can make it through it is such a joy to be alive and to have a rich social life. YOU CAN DO IT, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!
  2. Pudy Tang

    Pudy Tang Member

    How the hell do I tell the girl that I like about this problem, it sucks cause we have mutual friends and before long everyone would know..
  3. You don't have to tell her, not everyone has to know about porn addiction. Focus on what you ENJOY and what you like, and then way down the line you can bring it up. If she really likes you she will accept you.
  4. Pudy Tang

    Pudy Tang Member

    She gonna wonder why I can't get hard though
  5. Be vulnerable. Tell her the reason is that you've had a hard time
    happen in your life, and that you don't feel comfortable yet talking about it. That's night one. Then a few days later tell her that the issue is something to do with emotions and sexual feelings. Then either after that or a few nights later tell her that you use to have a problem with porn and it has effected your intimacy level.

    For my girl the first step was I broke down one night on the floor crying saying "Lauren, I have something to tell you but I don't know how to say it." She just kind of hugged me and we went to sleep.

    Then I told her I had social issues and she said "yes, you can be awkward and also an asshole sometimes"

    Then I told her full bore, and even eventually let her read my journal.

    Good luck, you will do fine and you are brave for trying to b honest
  6. ted torques

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    ^That mustve been hella awkward, though. Most girls would run.
  7. abyss

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    Jesus! you are the MAN! i can't believe you tole her the whole thing! I think your are on the way to success, she will understand you more and she know exactly what's your problem and can help you to overcome PIED!
  8. Thanks man, appreciate that compliment. It was INSANELY tough, like it took a ton out of me, but I'm so glad I did it, it took a lot of weight off my shoulders.
  9. Pudy Tang

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    What did she say, or what was her reaction? I'm just scared all my friends will know
  10. Hey man, honestly, your friends already probably know something is up. But that's why they are your friends, they like you for who you are. Once you tell them they will laugh it off and no one will care and you will have a big weight off your shoulders. If they react in a different way or don't accept you.....well then they may not be true friends. That's part of being social though, is putting yourself out there and not knowing what you are going to get back. Maybe try casually mentioning it in conversation, like "Man, guys, I think I've been watching too much porn lately."
  11. Pudy Tang

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    Thanks for all the great responses, I just wish there weren't such high expectations for sex with new girls these days. I think I have a lot of PA mixed in
  12. It's just fucking society man, it's pushed on you. If you get outside that mindset you'll see there are a lot more things important then sex
  13. Pudy Tang

    Pudy Tang Member

    Yeah man it's definitely fucked up, I guess if she truly likes me she'll understand. Thanks for all this. Today's world is definitely fucked up in that aspect, so much pressure.
  14. Position it as what it is... a grave addiction that you are determined to beat. That generally lends to a sympathetic ear.

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