what is the process for this

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by mofapmoproblems, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. mofapmoproblems

    mofapmoproblems New Member

    how do we go about successfully limiting internet time...

    i know its probably obvious to some, anyone got any tips

    thanks sirs
  2. BailHope

    BailHope New Member

    I can think of a number of ways.

    One thing I *actually* did, was install a physical power switch that switches off at a certain hour, and also switches back on at another hour. I attached my cable modem to this switch. So after 10 o'clock: no more internet for me. In the morning: no internet. The internet turned back on at 5 PM.
    (no internet, in my case, also meant no tv). This either triggered me to go to bed early and rise early, so I could get more out of my day, or after a while I started reading books and cooking more.

    Yes, I do have mobile internet on my smartphone. Thank god for carrier data limits in my country, which huge extra fees if you surpass the limits. I won't be going that way anytime soon :)

    Next: get a new non-internet hobby. This is usually the hardest part. I myself go take some music classes twice a week. That's two evenings I won't be using the internet, but am actually out there: meeting and interacting with people.
  3. John Thevan

    John Thevan Guest

    I went cold turkey and severely cut down my internet time. I actually just got to the point in my life where I said "fuck it" (pardon my language) and removed all technology from my life. I only spend about 1 hour in front of a computer a day. (15 minutes to check emails, 15 minutes on this forum, 30 minutes for miscellaneous stuff like viewing CNN or new stories (does not include video games or social media). I also don't carry a phone on my any more, I just leave it at home.

    People around me think I'm crazy because I'm in college right now. I'm just living like humans have for thousands of years. "Hey they all got by am I right?"
  4. Nowist

    Nowist Believe that you can and you will.

    I don't really encourage to force yourself to stop the usage, rather i encourage you to try to just put a goal for what you're doing on the internet, if you notice you are drifting off, then just get off the PC and go do something else. This has to come from your own will power/disciplined with yourself.

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