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    I’ve found a nice girl to re-wire with but nothing is happening down there.

    she’s really cool and has a nice figure but can’t seem to get turned on with her

    I’m trying to work out why, is it because she knows lots of people I know ?
    I can’t work out if I find her a little boring but she is very understanding and chatty
    ( this is my negative thinking by the way )

    Has anyone been in this position where they think they don’t like/can’t get turned on to it gradually switching to being turned on over time
    My mind is telling me to stop seeing her as nothing is clicking down there and my body is saying give it a chance

    I mean I had a massage off her and I was that worried that nothing happened/wasn’t turned on ahhhhhhhh
    you end up feeling a useless man though which is very mentally damaging

    Any recommendations to diet/supplements that can help at all ?

    I’m absolutely all over the place again.
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    Do you have any more information for us? Time spent away from P, how often you're watching P, Ming, Oing?

    You're describing low libido and PIED.

    There's no 'PIED diet' only a diet which will optimize your health - which will be different for everyone. Generally speaking you can't go wrong eating more protein and fiber (particularly vegetables). Supplements are only going to help if you're quite deficient. From experience some supplements may help the reboot, but they're very general. I mean, magnesium and zinc may help you sleep which can help recovery. But nothing besides Viagra or Cialis will have significant impact on your erections provided you're reasonably healthy.
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    well I’ve known of this site since late 2012 I believe.
    I’ve been trying on off for years.

    Only before lock down I was meeting up with a girl for fun ( having half of viagra )
    I wasn’t that attracted to her but everything worked fine with half a blue pill
    I’m trying to get used to sex and then taper off of it

    I’m trying to work out if all my edging to gifs and pictures up until meeting this girl I’m meeting now has messed my mojo up

    Or I’m thinking am I super nervous because

    she knows loads of people I know
    Just not into her ( but I find her fit )

    Thing is with the girl who I didn’t really like my cock was instantly hard with the help of half a blue pill and I’ve taken one with this girl who I like more and it doesn’t really do anything.

    I’ve taken viagra even when I was pmoing and it worked then but now I’m abstaining it won’t work for me, very strange

    I really think I need to hard mode reboot whilst re.wiring with her ?
    I’m not even getting horny enough to please her though. Which is selfish isn’t it ?

    I feel I’m in low libido mode, flatline and pied but things clicked when I was with the previous girl it’s making me think I’m not that into this one but I’d have thought I would have been

    how do you not worry and panic about this situation ?

    thank you
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    How are you not aware that edging to gifs and pictures will mess your mojo up? I don't mean to sound rude but you've been a member for over 6 years. Are you somehow not convinced yet?

    How much of yourbrainonporn.com have you read?

    How many times per week or month have you been looking at porn during 2020? Porn is anything on a screen that makes you aroused

    How many times per week or month have you been orgasming during 2020?
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  6. Mojo11

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    I know I am stopping all of this and really sticking with this girl I have met. Wish me luck
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