what is actually wrong with me?

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  1. Slam

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    As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety throughout my teens, i have relied on porn (mostly soft). Back in May, i was feeling quiet down and for many months felt as if my erections had been really flaccid for more than a couple months and that my sexual arousal towards women as a whole was rubbish (and since i met a girl i wanted to be perfect for her). So i did what everybody does, went on google and youtube to figure out what is wrong with me and found PIED, ED, testosterone problems and it was get very overwhelming. But anyway, i now know i have ED due to physiological problems (i think) but i don't know if i have PIED. I've tried no fap and it just seems my body gives up after a week and i masturbate again, i do it to real women, but i don't feel brilliant afterwards and i don't even feel sexually aroused before hand. So i basically just need a bit of advice.
  2. Pete McVries

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    What do you mean, you are doing it to real woman? Are you hiding in bushes in an open-air pool looking at bathing beauties?! :D
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  3. Slam

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    ahh dear, i mean masturbating to memories or soft porn from a magazine.
  4. Ralph McDonald

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    As you said, depression and anxiety can be the cause of your health issue. It is basically happened because of this. So don't get confused just try to minimize this with the help of lifestyle changes, eating habits, and exercise. This may help to reduce your psychological issues which in turn minimizes risk factors of ED. If this will not work, there are also some medications such as Sildenafil Generic, Tadalis, Kamagra, Tadaga, Vardenafil, etc. You can take this medication but only after seeking medical advice if you want instant results.
  5. Slam

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    i mean like masturbating to memories of me with my girlfriend or girls in a magazine. But if i did it, i would
    ok thanks for the advice i'll stick to my new habits. But i wondered, when in a flatline, how do you know?

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