What if you want to stay single....forever?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Nomadic, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Nomadic

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    I've certainly had my struggles with Internet porn and m/b. Most for me has always been softcore stuff like nude models..etc.

    I'm 48 now and have been in long term relationships and currently live with my g/f of 2.5yrs.
    And I'll be brutally honest. I don't know if I want to be in a relationship anymore. I'm not that satisfied in this one for various reasons:
    1-my current g/f I don't think really "gets me" or at least my sense of humor/sarcasm. Many do. She doesn't really or doesn't find me funny anymore where most people definitely do. Maybe relationships get like that after awhile but it's no fun being with someone who really doesn't get your wit.
    2-Besides the occasional sex/cuddling, relationships bore me. I almost never want to watch what she wants to. We rarely ever have good conversations.
    3-Always petty arguments and nitpicking
    4-Drama of her stepson at times.
    5-Sex gets so old with the same person. I don't buy into the "change positions, role play..BS". It gets old. Not to mention when she gains 20lbs since the first time you met her.

    Just all in all, I'm happy with my hobbies, dog....doing my thing, socializing with my neighbors. I'm just starting to think I don't want/need a relationship. And if I beat off to porn here and there so be it. Sure being single is lonely at times. But when I'm in one, I always seem to want out after awhile. Did I "not meet the right one yet"? Possibly. But a big part of me doesn't care. And honestly I'm not even attracted to women in their 40s anymore. Sad but true.
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  2. NewTerritories

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    My comments are coming from someone with no relationship experience, but here goes. All you can do is weigh up the benefits and costs. You mention that you live with her, so there's some economic benefit in your relationship for both of you, I gather?

    It sounds like you're with someone who doesn't like you much. Someone who's with you for the sake of convenience. Not the sort of relationship I'd want to be involved with.

    Maybe you can salvage it, raise up her interest level again. Depends how low it is now. Would you want to? Try and get her on some dates, enjoy stuff together outside of sex. Reckon that's worth it? If she finds a better option, it's over.

    As for not being attracted to women in their 40s... understandable. The politically correct line I'm supposed to be telling you here is that your tastes have been woefully distorted by porn, as if younger women aren't objectively hotter, lol. Dating gets better as you get older... up to a certain peak. Then it's downhill from there. But there are hot 40-year-olds. And

    Still... even for a single guy who's content to be alone, porn can potentially suck joy out of life's other pleasures. So I'd still strive to avoid if even if I was going full MGTOW. I'm doing my part to warn them (and everyone else) about the coming menace of the sexbots which they foolishly look forward to!

    Not that I'm perfectly porn-celibate now.

    I dunno, man. This isn't really a porn-addiction issue. It's a life-as-a-man-on-planet-Earth issue.
  3. Nomadic

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    Thanks for the reply.
    And yes, there is economic benefit. For her. She could never afford to live in our house on her own. There's zero economic benefit for me.
    I disagree about liking me. She does like me. I think she loves me. She's just very annoying at times. It's me who's losing interest.
  4. NewTerritories

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    Maybe she's annoying you because she feels insecure. Because she is not secure. You're not married and it sounds like her economic situation is at your mercy. And she must see that the relationship isn't great... but she's not pushing you away?
  5. Nomadic

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    She doesn't push me away. If anything I withdraw. I get tired of the drama. She can be high maintenance at times and nitpicky. As far as her feeling insecure, not my fault that I have all the $. She knows as I've told her that I'm not getting married again. And she accepts that. I'd have to be the dumbest person on earth to do that since I have all the money.

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