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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by onix, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. onix

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    What do you do to distract yourself away from the internet.

    I was made redundant about a month ago and all ive done in my spare time is watch porn.

    Because ive got so much time i don't know what to do with it all.
  2. -Luke-

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    Are there any clubs (sports, language learning,...) you could join? Anything you always wanted to do or learn but didn't have the time? Now would be the right time to start.

    I think it's important to get out off the house. Go to the library (or a park, depending on the weather) if you want to read something. Go for a walk. Visit another city (or get to know your own city/town better).

    I know how it is if you have nothing to do. I had a period of weeks in 2014 after I finished my studies and before I founf a job where I was in the same situation. Unfortunately I wasted the time by browsing the internet and watching porn all day. Use that time as an opportunity to do some things you ever wanted to do.
  3. onix

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  4. onix

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    I can't get out much because money is thinning out after my redundancy and its all gone to bills

    I do have work coming up soon its just taking its sweet time for a start date.
  5. DoneAtLast

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    It could be helpful to have a daily routine, even if a job doesn't force it on you. If you have a "to-do" list, it can help keep you disciplined. It can also help keep you sharp for when you start working again. Maybe it is making a certain amount of progress in a book, practicing an instrument, household things like cleaning/organizing/repairs. It is important not to stress yourself or lead yourself into discouragement with unrealistic goals for yourself so don't go crazy, just enough to get some structure into your day.

    I'd see what kinds of no-money activities there are in your area. Libraries, museums, parks, whatever. Maybe something where you've already made the financial investment, like if you own a bike or something. There's always coffee shop loitering, too. Even if you have an electronic device there, being in a public space can be enough to discourage porn use.
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  6. Imfree

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    All good suggestions.

    If you get out of the habit of the computer being your default mode of entertainment, it will seem like a wierd thing to do. Nobody has anything more interesting to say on social media then what they could say in person. The news isn't really that interesting and it doesn't change so fast that you would get out of the loop by just reading free newspapers lying around. For any usefully commentary and analysis to occur enough time would have to pass that it could be published in a book. Also, something creative? Painting, musical instrument, journal, poetry, etc? Research to prepare for the job?

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