What do women look for in a guy?

Discussion in 'Women' started by alphabetaomega001, Apr 22, 2015.

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    You'll find different methods/experiences with journaling here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/search?q=journaling

    The right one really depends on you. As P addicts it can be useful to understand our addictive patterns, but also beyond that: addictions don't arise out of nowhere, so we can't analyze addiction out of context (which is our behaviour and environment generally speaking).

    The idea is twofold: first, by stating your emotions, they lose power over you; it's a mindfulness exercise because it helps you switch from "this person really was an asshole, I was in my right yet this person wasn't, ..." to "what happened made me feel angry. I had this feeling of righteousness which felt like this and that", and over time you can see how one emotions leads to another and influences your thoughts. The second aspect is that you recognize some associations. It can be over-eating (or over drinking or whatever) one day, sleeping late the next day and bingeing the day after. Patterns emerge, and you can see the root cause of what makes you fall into unhealthy behaviours. And the earlier you spot a streak of poor choices, the easier it is to stop it. Conversely, you also see how positive behaviours positively influence your state of mind for hours/days afterwards.
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    Yes, that would be useful.
    Thank you.
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    Then focus on the solution :)
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    Great topic, loved all the cockfighting earlier on. First off, women haven't got a universal belief and attitude of what they look for in a man. Depends from girl to girl, from culture to culture.
    From my personal experience I can say humour, kindness, assertiveness, confidence and honesty go far. Contrarily, asking too many questions and complaining too often are counter-productive.
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    Just because a lot of women (not all), have been raised to believe the world should be delivered to them on a silver platter, doesn't mean we should strive towards that as men. Ignore those pathetic excuses for women and let them invest in cat futures.
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    To be honest, if a girl is fat and does NOT realize that she (and her bf%) is the problem, she will always be able to pick up only low quality men and fat fetishists. Complaining that men care about looks is ridicoulus, that's how mother nature created us so women can either accept it or be perceived as unattractive forever.
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    women want men who can respect her.

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